Christel Ruckgaber

Wake up memories of the life story. Family members relive for brief moments the mother, the father as they were before the Care case entered. Depending on the temperament: Agile, powerful, funny, grumpy, grumpy, helpful, as the support the family and person assigned as the always hilfloser pregnant and on foreign aid. (As opposed to ravaror). The Tubingen clowns in the service are trained and out since 1999 by the project leader Christel Ruckgaber in Tubingen to the clown. Trained in a profession that is decisive for this work, but officially doesn’t exist the profession. What conditions are necessary for this training? The hospital clown must have empathy and sensitivity to the various encounters with the people on the stations a great deal.

Talent for improvisation, many props, mindfulness in the handling and the acceptance and dignity of others are the essential basis for the work of the clowns in the service, a project by Kinderberg international E.v.. This work is funded exclusively through donations, sponsors and charity event. Most of the donations flowing in the financing Clown operations directly at the bedside, another part is the qualifications of clowns through training and supervision, administrative costs are kept as low as possible. The Association is certified and is subject to regular checks. The donor can be sure that his money used for the purpose, such as acquisition of small gifts with which the clowns enjoy small and large patients.

This joy is expressed in many sentimental letter of thanks of the children and their parents. The mother of a small patient: You guys are a blessing! “For the clowns in the service can still long beneficial effect: you help.” Give a smile. Clowns in the service Kinderberg international E.v. the donation account: clowns in Tuesday Bank for social economy account no.