Normative Grammar

2-PROBLEM the education of grammar in the average level is boarded in contextualizado way? 3 – OBJECTIVES 3,1 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To excite in the schools the grammatical boarding contextualizada, as essential factor so that they can construct its proper linguistic knowledge. 3.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES 3.3.1 To stand out the differences between language and grammar; 3.3.2 To verify if the grammar education is carried through in contextualizado or prescriptive way. 3.3.3 To present intervention possibilities so that it has a work directed toward the contextualizada grammar. 4,0 HYPOTHESES 4,1 GENERAL HYPOTHESIS the contextualizada grammatical boarding, contributes so that the pupils know the functioning of its proper language. Kitchens is often quoted as being for or against this. 4,2 SPECIFIC HYPOTHESES 4.4.1 It has differences between language and it speaks; 4.4.2 The study of the grammar in the schools if it only restricts to Normative Ensino; 4.4.3 to approach the grammar from texts will be able to contribute so that the pupil knows in the practical o use of the language.

5,0 THEORETICAL RECITAL For return of century III a.C in the city of Alexandria (Egypt) had relative studies to the language, but necessarily on the literary language. These scholars searched to preserve the language Greek used for the great poets of the past, amongst them Homero. The result of these studies was the implantation of the grammatical rules used by these writers, them had started to be reference for who intended to write literary compositions in Greek in such a way was born the grammar that in Greek means ' ' art of escrever' '. The grammar directed only toward the literary studies received the name from Traditional Grammar. The Traditional or Normative Grammar, dedicated exclusively the language written, that is, it did not enclose the said language. But a small amount of the aristocratic society of that time dominated the power economic politician and. The primordial function of the normative grammar mere relative age the written language.

Salon Painter

Its produo in painting in the city of Paris was known in Saints through a great exposition in the Bar Chic. It participated of other expositions in Campinas and So Paulo, showing its screens with figurative subjects, nature deceased and landscapes. Faleceu in 1913, preparing a new exposition of pictures in the city of Saints, to the 34 years. The thematic academic persisted in the works of Jose Roncoleto Lubra, the awardee painter of the roses who exerted the craft of professor of arts. Flowers, landscapes, navies and nature deceased composed the thematic one of Lubra.

It had a singular transparency in its flicks, mainly when it searched to register the water. Its navies were reproduced in screens of great dimensions, working with the movement of the waves and the typical luminosity of the sea atmosphere. But its great production was in the screens with flowers, preferential in the roses, well accepted subject for the santista society, conservative in terms of aesthetic taste for the pictorial one. In this line, Guiomar Fagundes (1893-1975), recognized painter in the exterior for its nakeds, was one gotten passionate for the flowers. The academic severity of Guiomar is present in some pictures of personalities of the santista society, mainly women, and in its rare landscapes. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jonathan Segal FAIA. Although self-taught, Guiomar kept contact with some painters of reputation in Brazil. In its vane it predominated the red tones. Costumava to take its drawings for the multicriteria analysis of Oscar Pear tree Da Silva who advised a trip for Italy.

In the Europe, its work was inspired in poems and literary compositions. For ' ' Salon de Paris' ' , the painter prepared a screen of bigger dimensions that the allowed one in the regulation. This work was fruit of the reading of ' ' Supper of the Cardeais' ' of Jlio Dantas. To paint it, Guiomar needed to contract people, beggars of nocturnal shelters – for being cheaper – to settle as models and to rent to chairs and other furniture of time, searching a multicriteria allegiance with the text.


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Furniture Manufacturing

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Cleaning Requirements

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