Fact Illumination

These factors take to an extreme overload the corporal structures, therefore they are repetitive activities, with effort of the same musculatura that leads to the fatigue beyond the fact not to have pauses during the routine. 4. QUARREL the pain related for the collaborator is for the fact of this to carry through activities as digitao and attendance to the telephone always in position statics for long seated time and without pauses. Beyond the small space disabling flexibility and alternation of position of the collaborator. The illumination of the place is inadequate and this leads to a bigger effort of the vision and for consequncia the person tends if to approach to the screen of the monitor, being forced the shoulders. The permanence of the collaborator in an environment with intense noises, intervenes with its productivity, therefore these generate estresse and reduction of the concentration.

The existence of adequate illumination provides an environment of pleasant work and safe, for the reduction of it I number of accidents and minor visual fatigue. The inadequate illumination can also intervene with the position adopted for the individual in the search of controls of regulation of the actions of work. The excess of noises harms the execution of tasks that demand mental concentration, attention, speed and precision of the movements. It intervenes with the level of estresse of the individuals, meaning muscular contractions unnecessary, being able to take the muscular fatigue. (BARBOSA, 2009). Its furniture is inadequate for its function, since its table does not have adequate height and its chair does not have regulation of height and support for all the normal bendings of the column, thus facilitating the appearance of pain, muscular shortening, protuso of shoulder and decurrent patologias of these factors for me the position executed frequent for the collaborator. The adequacy of the furniture of this collaborator is necessary, guides it how much the correct positions, pauses during the activities and the importance of the labor cinesioterapia in the work, thus this present pain in the shoulder goes to be brightened up and for consequence preventing future problems or until serious patologias.