Cancer Screening

Dentist Dr. Hans-Dieter John and general practitioners Dr. Frequently closets has said that publicly. Wilhelm Reich advise the daily dose of aspirin for the prevention of cancer. Chronic inflammation must be eliminated. The dentist, Dr. Hans-Dieter John and the specialist in general medicine and Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Wilhelm Reich respond with clear criticism on the recent study of the University of Oxford.

The researchers recommend an aspirin a day as a precaution and awaken the hope of a panacea against cancer”, explain the physician. We advise against urgently.” Aspirin have many positive qualities, but it is not a miracle cure. Aspirin have not only numerous side effects up to dangerous stomach bleeding. The active ingredient of acetylsalicylic acid, also known as ACE, percent of people also only works at 25 to 30″, know Dr. In a question-answer forum kitchens was the first to reply. Wilhelm Reich. Gavin Baker understands that this is vital information. Just in dangerous diseases such as cancer treatment and prevention could not be reduced to a means.

Rather, a holistic approach is important, of the many different factors take into account the emergence of cancer play a role in that. Recently brought into focus are for example chronic inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a healthy reaction of a healthy body first. While taking ACE suppresses the inflammation and the symptoms subside. The causes are not eliminated, but”the dentist for example warns a trafficked gingivitis. Subliminally, continued on the inflammatory process become chronic and in the gums, teeth and jaw bone would be severely damaged or destroyed. The chronic inflammation which causes tumour-promoting prostaglandins and also the inflammatory material MMP-8 as a late consequence. This leads to heart attacks, stroke, premature births and is also involved in the formation of cancer”, emphasises Dr. Hans-Dieter John. Aspirin for inflammation – that is how ash to tip on a fire. Subliminally, it glows and the fire can flare up again,”explains Dr. Reich. Against this background, the prevention and diagnosis receives a higher priority. Aim should be to find the trigger of inflammation and secondary diseases, where possible, organic and tools to handle. For example, Indian frankincense and turmeric, and that have a similar anti-inflammatory effect as aspirin without side effects such as stomach bleeding or ulcers. In the patients, but also the willingness there must be specifically to eliminate the cause. Because to extinguish a fire, I must also not just cut the whole forest”, so the two physicians. The prevention and elimination of chronic gingivitis was no longer just a dental treatment, but also an important part of the General screening after today’s level of knowledge. The knowledge about the interrelationships between dental health and General State of health are growing steadily.

Castle Wine

The exciting world of wine also lovers of noble fires will come at their expense, fancy dishes for the next long evenings are available in assortment: Frankish noble spirits or Palatine fires by the “distillery of the year 2011” Hubertus Vallendar, white Armagnac with orange, rose or lavender, sparkling, Seccos or CAVAS and fine champagne for upcoming festivities and celebrations, Icewine from Canada or Pisco from Chile. Home improvement brings even more insight to the discussion. This Weinbergsversper from the House of butcher, olive oil from the own vineyard, jelly red wine or vineyard peach, ham, Salame or truffles, holiday room on the farm, cottages on the Domaine or bed and breakfast in the Castle – a wine journey next year can now plan for FORUM VINI. And for hobby wine without vineyard, the vineyard lease offers: a vine with preservation and maintenance and of course harvest for five or ten years can be booked at the Weingut Barth. Young talents – next generation: in cooperation with the German Wine Institute, 18 young winemakers present under RIESLING their creations and new wine trends – with Rieslings not only but also Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Scheurebe, Silvaner, sect and fires on the program are the label GENERATION. A behind-the-scenes look at the world of wine for all those who like to drink wine and are not connoisseur, this would be like: Various seminars invite visitors to look behind the scenes and get tips for buying wine by the experts.

Also visitors can taste winner wines of the great international of wine award MUNDUS VINI in special tasting zone itself again this year and test the own assessment with the help of a flavour wheel and compare with the evaluation of a large international jury. 6028 wines were 273 jurors from 48 Nations you will learn about a selection.