The Assumptions

42. Importance of the right corporate for the economy corporate law is quite important for the economy so it does well to it that further studies and research on this branch of the law, which has been neglected in the Peruvian law, and thus should be taught how to create and manage large companies, allowing you to create and manage them efficiently and in any case every State must be oriented to the creation of the same, however, this has been neglected in Peruvian law. 43 Corporate law corporate law the approach must be that every company must aspire to become large company, that has large capitals, branches in different countries, thousands of workers, shares registered in bag, with business concentration and deconcentration business, among other figures typical of the corporate law-oriented. 44 In the corporate law e-commerce electronic commerce consists of celebrate commercial transactions via electronic means, by which electronic commerce in the corporate law consists of celebrate them through electronic media where large companies are involved. 45. Business concentration in corporate law business concentration in corporate law is quite important because he studies important topics such as the assumptions of the first, as they are for example the pool, melting, poster, trust, Consortium, clusters, Association in participation, joint venture, cooperative societies, communal enterprises, inclusion of partners, including shareholders, inclusion of participatory, syndicate of shareholders, Union of participatory, syndicate of noteholders, but only when involved big companies, so that it remains outside of application corporate amalgamation occurred or held by companies of lesser size such as medium-sized companiessmall and micro-enterprises. Corporate concentration have different purposes, being one to eliminate competition in a given market, by which in a few words the companies competing before competing dealt markets, accordingly some countries prohibit some types of business concentration, among which stand out the posters, however, there are other cases in which there are no losers as in the case of clusters, in which are grouped all related to the production process of a company and thus prevents negotiate at every opportunity but this is only done once or avoided situations in which sellers don’t want to provide, or can not do, since the contracts are not for sale nor nor another that makes possible to raise transaction costs.