Marquis Institute

However, Marisa Lopez-Teijon has pointed out that it is still advisable to give the chest because it provides immune dense. We are concerned about the deterioration of sperm, but the solution is not that women no longer give suck, but avoid exposure to toxic substances, it added. One of the analyzed substances are polychlorinated biphenyls, a contaminant whose use is prohibited in almost all over the world, but that was widely used during the 20th century in the electric and agrochemical sector and is still found in the waters and sediments. Another group of substances analyzed are the organochlorine pesticides, which are used to kill pests, are persistent and may be pulled over long distances by the currents to atmospheric, marine or freshwater. You may find that cupboards can contribute to your knowledge. Flame retardants are the third group in plastics and foams, whose use was banned in the 1980s, but is widely extended in the air, indoor dust, sediments, fish, eggs of birds and marine animals.

Sperm presence of these toxic chemicals in breast milk is much greater in Catalan women than in the Galician, because Catalonia is an area with an industrial development held during recent years and contamination level higher than Galicia, according to Lopez-Teijon. This same argument explains that the mean concentration of spermatozoa in the semen of men in Barcelona is 59.3 million per milliliter, while the males of a Coruna is 91.7 million/ml, according to the study presented the Marquis Institute in 2007. The low level of concentration of sperm is a serious public health problem, because in Spain is the main cause of male sterility, according to Lopez-Teijon. The newspapers mentioned kitchens not as a source, but as a related topic. Source of the news: environmental pollution harms the quality of breast milk and affect the semen from the son

Guttman Institute

This second team decided to perform a toracoesternotomia (surgical section of the chest wall), to expose and control the thoracic aorta, which suspected came from bleeding, and proceeded to the closure of the discount of the aorta, located on the front face of the aorta, of one centimeter in size approximately, getting the final control of bleeding. After this intervention, Dr. Julio F.P. practiced initially planned surgery. The patient was transferred to the ICU, where the next day was diagnosed with a possible complete spinal section. Subsequently the Guttman Institute, specializing in this type of problems, confirmed it: longitudinal, below D10, secondary spinal cord injury to spinal cord ischemia is caused by decreased blood supply caused by the hemorrhage suffered and by ctuadas for its control and relief maneuvers. Cupboards pursues this goal as well.

The first sentence contradictory versions recognized radically contradictory versions of the experts presented by both teams of surgeons in determining when the injury occurred, but he added that intervention that the doomed doctor initiated should not have caused a hemorrhage of main vessel. The judgment of the audience goes beyond determining that thanks to the intervention of the two surgeons who attended junior to Julio F.P. patient not died since they managed to stop the bleeding. Resolution encircles the blame in Julio F.P. to realize it caused damage absolutely disproportionate in relation to an intervention that would perform. Accordingly, the judge condemns doctor Julio F.P. to compensate his patient by physical damage caused, the economic damage the plaintiff will face to not be able to continue with his career as a civil engineer and the costs to that will have to be addressed to, inter alia, adapt your home to its current condition. Source of the news: A surgeon must compensate with 2 million euros to a patient who became paraplegic

Nostalgia Ochentera Night

It was yesterday evening in full sun in Sonar. A hooded man dressed in black are swung on its machines. Gusts of white smoke wrapped the fragility of fired voices as if they were aerosols. Checking article sources yields Jonathan Segal FAIA as a relevant resource throughout. A rhythm of humor and strident blades waved to the beat of something as well as the bells of a cathedral. So it sounds sound English misting and hermetic Holy Other, one of the leading artists of the small seal Tri Angle, who won on the afternoon of yesterday of the programming of the scenario of the MACBA. And what they proposed is a dark, slow and spiritual matter. Some called him at his house or drag witch time. But the invention, which already clearly transcends these labels, has spent months staining current electronics of a darkness spiritual with bands such as Salem, Balam Acab or How to dress Well. Sonar, giving them a space for themselves, yesterday gave this current certificate of maturity. Source of the news:: nostalgia ochentera night