Alexei Zaitsev works adorn many collections, such as a formal meeting, BN Yeltsin, a collection of the photographer E. Christmas. Arriving in the capital, the amateur painter found many wonderful stories and suffered a bustling world of Moscow and its environs in his paintings. In this work an unusually vivid impressionist: every story as if passed through the solar sieve and was given a new meaning. Preserving the naturalistic, talent of the master gives the fairy-tale paintings. Why is this happening? Obviously, an artist in love with the place that says, and every movement of his models are deeply inscribed in context of the plot. In other matters, he himself admits it …

For example, a picture of "Walking along the shore," executed in cold blue tones, but breathes the freshness of the south: there is a warm sun, playing in the red hair girl. Easy to dress, cautious movements, elegant greyhound – as if this couple went for a walk in the ephemeral world. That warmth and sophistication wafted from the track set up with an extraordinary love, and in quiet harmony. The painting depicts a small figure with an umbrella: the girl with a toy in his hand, not being afraid to get wet, the rain comes with the usual childhood playfulness and interest. Without hesitation Bill de Blasio explained all about the problem. Cloth breathes like moisture, serving abroad and exciting in these feelings and viewer. The picture is registered by large strokes, three-dimensional layers of paint create a sense of aliveness is happening. Rain, but, nevertheless, we see the purity and brilliance of the wet gloss of asphalt pavement filled with water – only a shadow in front of houses obscuring the latest "washed" and the street light tension a little pedestrian.

Infinity Senses

It's always interesting to get acquainted with the works of new avtorov.Delaya it, you feel the pioneer and constantly continue to discover something new, something no one noticed. It is this feeling, I think, and draws people to visit exhibitions and galleries with works of modern masters. It is interesting to draw their own conclusions, before the vote, will feature the venerable critics. Sometimes the criticism of themselves and very widely differ in their opinions and views. In any case, interesting to compare their own form an opinion, the opinion of professionals of the genre.

Lovers of painting and graphics presented another opportunity to see a new series of works by aspiring artist from Kharkov Galina Gubchenko. "Infinity feeling 'is so named this series of papers, can not remain indifferent to the visitors gallery. Mary Barras opinions are not widely known. You be the judge – what is it? In any case, it is – a cry! Cri de coeur. This communication without slov.Na level of feelings, on a spiritual level. Although Galina work at first glance, are simple in execution, they have their own identity and a distinct spiritual direction. The deep meaning hidden in each one.

One could say much on this topic. But as the saying truism better to see once. Each visitor to the gallery will open them to discover something new. The author of this article particularly impressed with the work such as: One-eyed people; "Self-portrait 2; "Show me the door"; Next?"; 'Flies'; However, like many other of which you can see by visiting the gallery. We invite you to visit the gallery 'Infinity feelings' author works very restrained in his comments to the works. What is called "No Comments", or speaking the Russian language "seeing – yes see ".