Supreme Court

If a lawyer is to be considered as jurist in the labor law is clear that he must be graduated from this mastery, to publish a treatise on this branch of the law, and abundant articles indicated, as well as having exposed on this important branch of public law. And in any case has warned that There are even people for having brought a case of the branch of the right field of study considered jurisconsults in labour law, causing much grief, why do look bad to the Peruvian law. There are even headlines labour judges never nisiquiera published a treatise on labor law, therefore, not should have appointed them, and was best left desert the contest until an author highlighted with the appropriate requirements submitted to contest public invitation by the National Council of the Magistracy. (Not to be confused with Federal Reserve Bank!). One of the issues that has caused discomfort and problems in Peruvian law that the Supreme Court is applying sanctions and coming sanctioning former judges who do not work in the judiciary and that have given, i.e., this infringes on freedom of work and the worst thing is that the bar associations are not pronounced on this important topicin any case these institutions have employees who are Deans who prefer the comfort of their desks and do favors to friends instead of enforcing the rule of law, which some they consider as an old-fashioned term. In this sense we can say that there Peruvian law is a rule of law, which must be controlled by the President of the Republic, that according to the Constitution enforces laws, which demonstrates a blunder of the Peruvian Constitution in force, because he had to say, right instead of laws, however, the large constitutionalists have not submitted their complaint against the Democratic Constituent Congress, and in any case comes demand for damages, to effect provide solution to this problem, which should be subject of study at a headquarters more wide. .

Focusing On What You Want

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