Harry Levin

I have always tried to gather the scattered and put my hope in anything now transit a stage reading of the reality in the four levels (PRDeS) called LOVECRAFT, but I’m not even a neophyte (as it will be more than one here), maybe an outsider in the shadow of some echo of some encryption from the mistress of the CRAFT (Lovecraft) that comes close to this fraternity to begin to learn and unlearn whatever it takes does not seem them thatas many believe, is MIGUEL SERRANO which continue the esoteric evolution of goes from Poe to Lovecraft about the Antarctic mystery? Serrano ratifies and exemplifies your posture isn’t it? They would be willing to not dismiss the etymology of LOVECRAFT (the name is the slit which penetrates the spirit in the world, Harry Levin, to paraphrase James Joyce): lover of the Guild or Guild love, given the importance of the CRAFT for all Freemasonry, concerning the status of started in the Egyptian Freemasonry (is the rite of Cagliostro(, pero lo mas seguro es que era el RITO ANTIGUO Y PRIMITIVO DE MEMPHIS MIZRAIN) of the father of LOVECRAFT? Cursed land () is a paradigm of idefinidas connotations. But to begin to outline: do you relate it, analogicamentem with some implicit in these others (there will never be enough light to dissipate fumes from the somber satellite Guenon;? Our psyche feeds to the Moon, our body to the Earth Gurdjieff; the notion of the ENEVRAV, infiltration of preadamitas and others sub-human during the exodus; the metaphor expressed in so many ways on the HUMANERO (do nature is Circe and us their pigs; our mind as a foreign to feed inorganic beings, etc, installation..?) Either you ratify, rectify or refute, able try a dialogue of interest..

Wine and the Senses

Wine experts suggest that the wine is perceived by each of our five senses before being eaten. And far beyond what his experience set that you have or you don’t have to make, certainly any worth a lot, take a moment to stop and experience this drink through your senses and thus delight even more than usual. When you want to really learn more about wine, it is necessary that you wake up your senses and lend attention to every sensation that you are about to experience. Using the view, you can get information about its clarity, transparency or color of the wine; with the ear you can attend to the beautiful melody that produces pour the drink in the Cup or uncorking the bottle. On the other hand, through touch, you can cater to those sensations of temperature or texture of the drink.

Finally the taste, which is the most important when it comes to taste, sense for obvious reasons will allow you to conclude this process of experimentation. Warmly, you can identify the essence of its taste, be it wood, spices or fruits. Exercise your senses with wine and knows much more about this delicious drink. A. Verastegui hold.