Wolf Imperial

The future does not look anything rosy in political matters. The parties in conflict, predators and emiliae, have undergone changes in their bodies that have led them to assume positions of combat. Some boasting of hegemonies, covered with old glories, claiming to be the owners of the grass; others, arguing evolution, up in the food chain, claiming not to be more food from anyone. Predators concerned that food now flees him, reluctant to hear the morsels on their flesh. P&G shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Surprised that his old words having no longer the accustomed effect make them believe that songs are the sound of bones that creak. That are fronts back fleeing, gold mirrors and cooperation exploitation. And is that dread has seized his imperial Chair, which begins to haughtily: the energy required to submit to the jungle begins to dwindle and there is the threat that all that long and old infrastructure of exploitation (petroleum) runs, hollow out the force required to undertake actions of warning before such acts of sedition. Of course, they have much weaponry, and is tempted to sink the world with own sinking.

Or may be is the dilemma! The world is a table that can be dragged in the fall tablecloth. Oil for 30 or 40 years? The alarms are red. Because it turns out that the animals now run to not be devoured, are joined together and fight and defend themselves, protecting their fiefdoms. They protect their homes, their natural resources, their wealth for their own growth, not believing the story that’s prosperity that eat them and have no future. And costs to the imperial Wolf believe that these animals may be something more animals, lots of energy, food, fuel, gas, gasoline, gold, oil, lithium, silver barns or backyards. Why start a war of rearrangement of the world, a profile of world that collapses, to continue by prying the old over the old.

The Environment

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