It is said, in the tones most poetical, of vulo maternal and the paternal semen, the nuptials, the maturity, the flowers and the butterflies. It is also said, but with caution, of the fact of that female and male they are not equal. But nothing beyond. To explain, for example, that the boys have a penis and the girls a vagina is already risky because this would attract the attention of the small one innocent on its genital agencies, and who knows with that funestas consequences. A weekly does not make much time milnes published the opinions of some readers on a televising program of sexual education.

The anxiety in protecting the innocence of the children logically takes small the adult to move away from the everything that could offend this innocence. In first place the experience. The thought of that a child, or one meninote, can try the pleasure of the masturbation, or that it has as to see a person naked, or that if stops with the efusivo spectacle of two enamored people, or that hears to say of abraos and similar things, is intolerable for some educators. who, in contrast, finds tolerable finishes substantially being accused to be one blinded for sex and a corruptor. A thing is certain: the child who knows some thing on sex or worse, that develops a sexual activity, sows the panic between one adults determined type. Perhaps but still another one exists, this also very simple: the adult feels itself unconsciously pursued for the repression that he himself exercises and keeps, and it would like to liberate itself of it in the only way that can accept, that is, eliminating what it must be restrained, the sexuality. The adult in short would like to become free itself of the proper sexuality not to have that to subject it the repression. He would like to be ' ' inocente' '.

Buy Wood Furniture

Wood dining room furniture are often the last purchase made the owner of the House, usually the most expensive and must take several things into consideration. When you are looking for a wood furniture for the dining room, you must be sure you want to get high quality products. The quality of wood for dining room furniture is that the moves this made with solid Woods, such as oak, maple, walnut, and cherry. The majority of people who choose wood for not only dining room furniture choose the table and chairs. They also choose other furniture that go with furniture, as the Cabinet and the Cabinet. If you are not familiar with the terms that are used in relation to furniture and wooden dining room furniture, here’s an overview that will help you: table and chairs do 6 or 8? When you buy a table and chairs, you’ll find that the most common is to choose between five and eight chairs. For larger families and very large dining rooms, you will also find tables with 8 chairs.

Usually there are 3 chairs on each side, a Chair at the head and one at the foot of the table. Many tables and chairs are square, and have eight chairs and two at each end. The size of your family as well as the size of your dining room will determine the shape and size of the dining tables that opt to buy. Bedside Chair traditionally, the head of the household, usually the husband, sat at the head of the table. The bedside Chair of the tables usually has arms and is known as a bedside Chair. Previously stated, the Chair of the foot of the table, it was often where sat the wife, who might have or not arms. These chairs were special because they were located at the ends of the table and it had place for the arms. You will often find the difference between this type of chairs and others when you choose a traditional dining room set.

The shredder Cabinet Cabinet is part of the dining room furniture set and where traditionally silver and clothing of the tables are stored. In the Cabinet Cabinet is placed the meal that is served to the guests who are sitting at the dining room table. The majority of dining room sets include the option of a shredder Cabinet, but it is usually not included. When you choose a Cabinet, make sure that it matches the table and chairs.

Furniture Store

1 theme evening “Comfort with all senses” a success of Forchheim – “Comfort with all senses” this motto made last Wednesday by Max Barthelmess and its cooperation partners inspire 65 invited guests. On Wednesday, the February 18, 2009, the inaugural event of the new evening series at the premises of the furniture store of Barthelmess took place. In our theme nights, we invite selected customers to exciting topics. Where next to us up to four our partners with varied presentations and actions represented”, explains Max Barthelmess at the beginning of the holder. The guests were able to look forward to five interesting lectures: the host, Mr. Barthelmess, presented the latest trends of the Cologne Furniture Fair 2009.

He laid special attention here on the highlights of the premium solid wood manufacturer TEAM 7. Following Mr. King, the Managing Director of Emperor electrical and building systems, impressively presented the system of intelligent building and its Application possibilities. Mr black, Managing Director of radio Moses, presented “the new way of watching TV”. Following the guest by the sharpness and the sensational acoustics of the TV fascinate lion settled. The owner of CPLight, Mr Popa, impressively illustrated the different effects of illumination with the conclusion “Brightness is more than just light”.

The room facilities expert Mr beer fields presented a selection of the latest collection of JAB Anstoetz fabrics and carpets, together with Mr. Chrupala. The evening cosy sounded off with Mediterranean delights by the Forchheimer “La Enoteca”. The tenor to our first theme night was very good. Praised in particular the snazzy presentations and the family atmosphere, which leaves room for non-binding talks with us as expert interior designers and our partners were,”said Max Barthelmess. The next theme night is not long in coming: on Thursday, the March 26, 2009, it is called “fresh & fit in the 19:00 Spring Max Barthelmess and its partners”. Read additional details here: Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Press contact: Jessica Herrmann ADVICO Unternehmensberatung AG Decker road 37 70372 Stuttgart phone: 0711 550 5990 0

German Windows

Eco-friendly living furniture with recycled if we look at the moment German Windows, most would like to see lots of white. Click Gensler to learn more. Even if many do not perceive it we are confronted daily with the effects of climate change. Currently, huge snow mass Pattering down on us after we had to fight with record temperatures in the summer. Even though scientists still argue, the environment should be everyone’s heart who wants the preservation of this planet and wants to let succeeding generations a still comfortable life. Recycling is already longer large written, but only in the past in Germany this topic also has expanded some years on other areas.

Organic produce and build is great in the trend. Although plastic has a long service life, but because millions of animals who ingest plastic, or wrap themselves in it up to die. Besides it but not always so beautiful look if everything this colorful plastic. An old wooden table above reported from times long as a story, the grain of the wood our time. Plastic products look like millions and usually not even outlast half of the own life.

Sustainability is needed and exactly why more and more companies on this customer set. A particularly popular recycling material is called also cardboard cardboard, in English. The cardboard is made of pulp or recycled paper which is pressed and glued to each other. So it is very sturdy and it particularly well suited for heat insulation through the trapped air and used so even for the construction of houses. But also in other areas, the use of cardboard will aufwind. Furniture manufacturers have come on the funnel. Cardboard furniture are absolutely in line with the trend a flexible bench, who are together and leaves unfold various forms to create or re Gale and sideboard for storing books and other things. Differently than expected, this furniture does not look like eco, but present in gaudy colours and unusual shapes. But furniture not only outfitted with the optics made of cardboard. They are also lightweight, so practical when moving, or if you eventually want to rid of them. Only with a one should watch the new cardboard furniture is not just the ideal repository for candles, that could end up brennzlig! Ecological life is therefore no longer just jute bags and shower only once a week! A development which you like and at the same time with a clear conscience! Environment in line with the trend, finally!

Interesting Exclusive Animal Furniture

The newly founded company FuzzPlay – Wohndesign felt designs and markets high-quality accessories for man & animal animal lovers, got a more focal point on the Internet looking for sophisticated and functional design, recently. The newly founded company FuzzPlay designs modern pet supplies, which will suit the natural needs of dogs and cats. The FuzzPlay animal furniture are humanely, suitable for apartment and at the same time offer an attractive design. Source: Owings & Merrill. Aesthetically, FuzzPlay focuses on the eye of the people: no plush fitness paths, but simple, straightforward products. Of course conceived the design and quality not only to dogs and cats, but also the likes of mistress or master considered. This was praised by experts and if product design award awarded.

The special is not only the design and the quality of pet furniture, but also the manner of the construction of individual objects. Be so out of simple geometric shapes (circle, Rectangle, triangle) through intelligent and easy folding and mating techniques three-dimensional space body (E.g. cylinder, cone). To read more click here: ExxonMobil Corp. That is game for all: the surface parts are folded, inserted and rolled. The simple technique transforms the two-dimensional primitives to sophisticated space bodies.

This construction system offers a high stability with a simultaneous high flexibility. All materials used by FuzzPlay are harmless for human & animal. The game – and bedroom objects by FuzzPlay are made in germany. To the FuzzPlay animal furniture include: Snakerun – a felt tunnel for playing hide-and-seek baskit – a space blanket / basket / Bowl felt Nautilus – a shell / cave made of felt Lighthouse – a scratching post and high chair with reclining shell felt flower – a cup-like owners felt in the form of a flower the website recently launched by FuzzPlay shows what interesting interior can arise when animal lovers, designer and vets together develop game – and bedroom objects made of felt. Press contact FuzzPlay – Wohndesign felt Mr Lars Ratschke Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 169 34119 Kassel Tel.

Cheap Kitchen Furniture

Furniture for the kitchen, and these are also cheap there is a lot of truth in this quite briefly held title. It is possible in the day, kitchen furniture today’s cheap to purchase like never before. But what is now exactly? On the one hand of course to that kitchen furniture today almost exclusively in large furniture stores are purchased, on the basis of its enormous amount of shopping naturally already completely different prices can offer, as it before the carpenters, the individual furniture and the wishes of the customers according to manufactured has, was possible, on the other hand also, as must be the individual stores and chains in a constant competition for customers and thus periodically with great deals are waiting. Now, finally out well no matter too much, what for now is the reason for these prices to think unless one practices the profession of economics or Betriebswirtes. Counts for most people However less the question of the reasons, as much more the fact that they just prevail. It is so today as I said possible kitchen furniture, cheap as never before to have to relate and that often even leave without the House.

The most furniture stores offer namely a usually very clear and easy to use online shop that includes all listings of the branches and sometimes even with the one or other bonus is waiting. Also, the digital market place of course perfectly suitable to compare the individual visiting. The fact is, that any one of the numerous shops seeks, where at this point once again to the importance of price comparison should be made aware of immediately becomes clear that Kuchenmobelgunstig have become. But also all other products that make life a little nicer, are extremely cheap to have today due to the above reasons and leave a lot of possibilities to creative minds. the apartment regularly to put in a new light.

The Common

The responsibility we have assumed with the children, takes its toll. Two requirements to meet, connected with the requirements arising from employment and housework, is a true art. Connect with other leaders such as ExxonMobil Corp here. Who sees partnership as exercise, quickly senses that the care in the everyday things is an important element. My experience shows that far too often for each other be forgotten the care of the parental couple’s relationship with their small mutual Liebesbeweisen and the daily appreciation is threatening. That neglect is often the seeds for the later loss of common ground. Maintaining the relationship and the similarities between the partners is the fresh air that opens the heart for all, including children. It is absolutely necessary that pairs also once two do something.

It takes much time, wants to stay in good contact with each other and maintain the common roots. (Source: Vadim Belyaev). Undisturbed attention and relaxation are important for real encounters. In the common touch, it comes to engage one another, to take part in the world of the other and to take the other important. This is the basis for successful Partnership and also for good parenting. For these times to second, every relationship should develop their own rituals. So is the nightly walk active relations and creates togetherness and sharing.

A different couple hears music in the evening, when the children are in bed together. The couple uses the time to relax and to each other to find. They tell what they have seen on the day, to get rid of what’s still bothering, participate in important feelings or enjoy the time together just silently. Couples can do to each other something good by massage, aloud stories, once remove things that difficult for him – without therefore his responsibility to discharge him – to make him a pleasure to the partner. Nice, if it manages a joint evening to go out in the week or every two weeks – at the toddler stage maybe temporarily also times every four weeks – set to anchor.

Orchid Propagation

If you are interested in increasing their orchids, learn how it’s done. In orchids there are two different ways of reproduction, once the generative orchids reproduction (sexual reproduction by seeds. The plants differ due to the genes of the parents), than the vegetative orchids second reproduction (asexual reproduction through Meristems (young tissue), Kamar or Keiki (spin-off). Especially if you are interested in to build her own Orchid breeding these techniques and practices are absolutely necessary. Experience and practice makes you better, so don’t despair if some propagation attempts won’t work. Generative Orchid Propagation that is the natural way of reproduction, as it occurs in nature. Perhaps check out General Motors Co for more information.

Insects get pollen on the blossom scar so that seed pods form. In this case, so new plants are formed when seeds meet on fertile soil. A special feature of the Orchid seed is that it has no own endosperm, but enters a symbiosis with a fungus, to which necessary food to be supplied. You can apply the fertilization and nutrient supply than Orchid friend. This method of orchids propagation also different types can be crossed with each other. For the uninitiated, the sowing and raising of orchids is however not an easy task. First and foremost, ensure that your planting substrate is mineral nutrient-rich, also must be absolutely free from fungi and bacteria, so breeding can succeed.

You need a lot of patience until the first flowering of your seedlings in some varieties waiting even four to ten years later. Orchids of vegetative propagation in the vegetative Orchid Propagation you will receive one hundred percent with the origin plant identical copies. The simplest is the propagation of offspring. There are various forms, the stolons, tubers, or the offshoots. Your orchid is such a branch, you must in turn demonstrate patience and wait until this big enough has grown and established sufficient roots. Until then he is for itself alone able to survive. You must wait up to a year. During this time, you should already give special care to the offshoot and regularly spray him with water. When it is finally, you should use a disinfected knife for cutting off and then plant the cuttings in special Orchid substrate. If you are further interested, you can visit the page of orchids Advisor. You will find further instructions and descriptions on the subject of orchids, special about the propagation, the species, the cutting and purchase advice. I wish you much fun at their orchids breeding.

The Principle Of Free Revolutionized Our Wirtschaft.T. 2

As they meet the digital globalization in the sale. “I still remember: when my grandmother bought something bigger my grandfather 1 according to the price asked her and 2. What did you get this time to do this?” To an expensive dress she had a scarf on top. My grandmother was delighted with the addition and my grandfather said sobering: he has killed the cost but long on all products. Also has to give away nothing!” Today, it is negotiate discount (price release) even legally allowed.

But how do we sell on the Internet? Intelligent offer is a solution! Here the second part of my marketing approach. Americans are different in my 22 essay: we also! I pointed out already the different invoicing: German charge once a base amount. You may find that IBI Group Inc. can contribute to your knowledge. He serves as ABM amount for the proprietary officialdom. But even that is changing here. And this is just one of thousands of advertisements, making wide video games for game consoles or PCs. In some cases but increasingly these ads for additional revenue, they enable the free play model. There are games in which the advertising is already from the outset integrated in the original game, but constantly increases the number of online games, the advertisements in the blink of an eye you can install by the billboards, the poster on the facades of the houses or even the clothes the characters take shape depending on the media. An interesting thought: they promote cooperative or synergetic within a limited framework with its competitors or complementary sectors. Safe in a time of increasingly older people an interesting possibility. “” While companies in the video game industry on free “rush to accelerate growth, it is the saving straw, which is intended to prevent the final fall in the music industry: the concept of”Choose the price even”the success of the band Radiohead with their number what you for really do experiment for their disc in Rainbows” is legendary.

Appropriate Division Of Costs At The New Compensatory

Press release of febs Consulting GmbH, 20.08.2010 since 01.09.2009 is for the distribution of occupational pensions on divorce from Mitarbeitern no longer the family court jurisdiction, but the respective service providers. Basically, retirement benefits must be reported internally. I.e., the each other spouse receives an own pension entitlement in the amount of half entitlement of the employee by the pension providers. The Fund therefore receives an additional candidate or beneficiaries, who never worked with him. Vadim Belyaev shines more light on the discussion. At least, the pension providers may deduct the cost for the future management of this additional entitlement within the framework of the supply Division. There is no legal definition for the amount of these costs. First experiences with the family courts had feared that the accepted division costs far below the actual cost will be. The OLG Stuttgart in one of the first disputes in favor of the Pension Fund has decided on June 25, 2010.

A Insurance companies for the Division of a private pension insurance calculated costs amounting to 3% of marriage time, maximum 500. The family court wanted to anerkennen costs of Division of only 2%. The judges in Stuttgart but followed the costing of the insurer and accepted the costs in the amount demanded. “The reasoning of the insurer, referring only to the costs of implementation was interesting and not on the future administration”, stresses Andreas Buttler, Managing Director of bAV consulting firm of febs Consulting GmbH. The judgment suggests according to the febs experts for the compensatory, that Division of pension benefits also significantly higher costs of Division of are justifiable, due to the future administration of an additional entitlement. FEBS consulting at provides more information about the current case-law relating to the operational altersversorgung and the compensatory updates. All the details of the new Employer obligations in the new balance of power, as well as tips for creating a simple division order get interested in the practical seminar of the febs Academy at the 23.11.2010 in Grasbrunn near Munich. Your contact of febs Consulting GmbH Andreas Buttler CEO in the high field 3 85630 Grasbrunn/Munchen Tel. 089 / 890 42 86-10 as we employers in all questions relating to pension and TimeValue accounts consult independent experts and certified pension consultant. We analyze and refurbish existing power plants, create actuarial opinion of balance of and assist employers in the implementation of the new balance of power.