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Summer farewell as they just publish the public employment services with 61.083 people to the unemployment queue, or what is the same, 9.3% more than Spaniards without work compared to the previous year. A harsh reality that mundoFranquiciaconsulting, the renowned Spanish consultant (http.//www.mundofranquicia.es), is convinced that can be transformed through the possibilities of self-employment that facilitate 823 franchises that are registered in Spain. The franchise is presented as an ideal formula for moving from unemployment to self-employment and thus move forward. Thus, under this formula the unemployed person can open a business, with a risk much less than doing so independently. Thus, the unemployed often attend the capitalisation of unemployment through single payment, emphasizes Pablo Gutierrez Porcuna, its managing partner. In this way the number of unemployed registered at the offices of the public employment services of our country would decline very significantly. As proof of this mundoFranquiciaconsulting points 222.660 persons who found work thanks to this business model in 2009 (which represents 12% of employment of trade retailer). For franchise chains, the profile of the unemployed is very interesting, since they have professional experience that will help you successfully manage your unit, all accompanied with the motivation of the new franchisee to manage his own business.

In addition the average investment of the franchise to which an unemployed person goes usually does not exceed 75,000 euros 90.000 euros. At the end of last year, the total investment disbursed for openings of establishments the 823 flags that make up the Spanish franchise system was 4.696,2 million euros, representing an average of 76.112 euros investment by opening. The sectors that more investments carried out were, in this order: hospitality catering, with 1.771,9 million euros; fashion, 311.4 million; feeding, with 230,3 million, and hairdressing/beauty/cosmetics with 224,4 million euros invested, ends Pablo Gutierrez Porcuna, founder and CEO of mundoFranquiciaconsulting. Note to journalists for more information, cover seminars, interviews or sending graphic material do not hesitate to contact our Press Office. Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez Tel. 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 BlogRoll chains without publicity, the most viewed: the Direct Marketing summer 1975: El Arsenal / Journal Digital out Has More Ways to Enjoy a Vacation than Anywhere Else The Travel Trip A pochi giorni della opening delle scuole dove il Liceo Pedagogico andra? Fatti di Sicilia Tu new couple is too detailed Dolce Gusto

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Page, recommended to answer these questions: what makes your product or service is unique?, what the client’s needs cover?, how you want people to perceive the products or services? and how is the competition positioned? 4. Competition this indicates whether the products and services are suitable for the competitive environment. If you include it, that you understand the industry and are ready to deal with some of the obstacles that you will find the company you partaking. It briefly describes major companies from competition. Evaluations should include comments on the modes in which they met and not the needs of customers.

Explain why you think that your company can obtain a share of the market. 5 Cost of production and development in this part of the budget goes into action. You must include the cost of the design of the prototype and the costs of its production in the case of products. In terms of services, you must perform the consultancy costs, training, preparation of material, etc. Make sure you include labor.

When planning costs, gives a contingency plan which mention what would happen if there were problems such as delays, difficulties to comply with the standards of the company, errors, etc. 6. Sales and Marketing describes both the strategy and the tactics that you used to get customers to buy your products or services. Sales and marketing are the weaknesses of many business plans links, so it is important that you spend them all the time that is necessary. A section on sales and solidly prepared marketing can serve as a road map. Also assures potential investors that you have a viable plan and the resources to promote and sell your products and services. 7 Managerial strengths a good management team is able to take an idea, albeit mediocre, and make it fly. This section of the business plan refers to the address of the undertaking which must show clearly that the computer that you fashioned or will form, is a winning team. It is essential that each Member has the talent and experience relevant to the business. Remember that although at first believe that this plan is a waste of time, doing so will allow you to properly address your business and will compliment you the realization of the project, concludes Gregorio Perez.