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directly released Hamburg business review networks, 21.12.2010 – the solution comes in a double-pack: network virtualization with the combination of nexus 1000V from Cisco and vSphere4 VMware optimizes operations and harmonises the infrastructure. The consultant from networks directly, a company of the Hamburg group directly, have tested the two products in practice and are convinced: the two specialists in the virtualization and network sectors have taken a special connection between their products for network virtualization. Needs company will opt for greater data center infrastructures, virtualization components used a central role. The virtual switches or even distributed switches”have the task of distributing networks holistically and automated via a virtualized infrastructure. networks has conducted successful virtualization projects directly. Kitchens often says this. Due to their experience, the professionals in the field of network virtualization put on nexus 1000V from Cisco and vSphere4 VMware. Nexus 1000V integrates an on-board switch in VMware vSphere 4 that has virtualization solution VMware vsphere.

For very special requirements, such as greater data center infrastructures, virtualization consultants of the IT services company but recommend the nexus 1000V. A strong connection, optimized operations and harmonises the infrastructure due to its accurate alignment on the vSphere 4 environment between two products. Technical solution to a political problem, another special feature of the nexus 1000V is its interface solution. The network administrator receives the full control over the network by the software switch offers him the familiar Cisco configuration and administration interface. All network-related settings with regard to security, quality of service, parameterization and redundancy behavior are made in the virtual switch of the resourced. Benefits of virtualization with nexus 1000V company can clearly defined with the nexus 1000V Create areas of responsibility within the company organisation in the virtual infrastructure.

While the autonomy there will be, where it is required, flexible working together is encouraged, where it is automatically useful. Nevertheless preserves previous design and safety requirements in the virtual network layer. The internal expertise of the company is effectively used in the network – as well as in Server mode. Highest availability and mobility, transparency and security is by using seamless redundancy procedure in the entire network. Nexus 1000V not worth companies for each own medium to large data-center infrastructure with high Virtualisierungsgrad, comes the nexus 1000V for them in question. Even when operationally separate responsibilities for network and server’s consultants of networks directly to the product advise. If companies have already VMware and Cisco-system installations in use or place high demands on the availability of the system, you should use of the nexus also 1000 considering pull. A qualified and experienced service providers should be engaged in any case for the virtualization infrastructure. Download the business review, click here about networks directly: the networks directly Gesellschaft fur Informationstechnologie mbH specialises in architecture consulting and projects in complex IT infrastructures. The IT professionals focus management and IT automation, identity management on the themes migration. Among the customers are mainly banks and insurance companies and Germany’s large and medium-sized companies with high penetration of IT.

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on a DVD and transmits everything mailed the KV (your work from three months to a DVD!). “After a few days your KV when you register: the data on your DVD is unreadable”. Not a problem for you, create a replacement disc. Really not? When it comes to a downtime due to hardware failures, theft, fire, can you then restore completely your databases in a row? Is it always possible to access the last undamaged file version? We monitor daily security monitoring that your backup is carried out properly. The safe way with the Data backup service “BitByters.Backup” your data in compressed, encrypted form are on our secure server in the online proceedings externally, fully and automatically transferred and secured. The backup runs automatically, is set to meet your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software.

The installation is very simple. The other advantage: Your data are regularly audited by our IT specialists in damage. What is also important: the data cannot be read by a third party (both of us). To show you how easy BitByters.Backup is to handle, we give you the opportunity, free to run your backup on our CASE Institute and to test the handling for 30 days. Still have questions? Simply contact us. We help you! Heinrich Scheuerlein CASE Institut GmbH of Hildesheim road 67a 30880 Laatzen Tel.: 0511 866849-0

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The collection of vehicle deformation was previously using hand-drawn sketches, not therefore automatically be evaluated could and the deformation of the vehicle only complex had to be readjusted with special programs. All previous attempts to digitize the process of sketch-based deformation acquisition vehicle, immediately at the scene were unsuccessful. Conventional CAD systems and 3D modeling programs proved different reasons for it unsuitable. With a technology for mobile and computer-aided detection and modeling of vehicle deformation, information about the vehicle behavior in traffic accidents could be evaluated not only considerably faster and cheaper, but especially more complex and deeper. Through the insights so gained could weaknesses detected much easier of bodies and risks of the inmates and would in particular for the automotive manufacturer of great interest to the To be able to increase the level of safety of the produced vehicles. The Fraunhofer Institute developed the project idea in a one-year joint project for transport and infrastructure systems from Dresden and the Trans4mation IT GmbH, DefDesc technology, which can bridge the gap in the electronic survey process during traffic accidents. The new system DefDesc has three main features.

First, the software allows fast and effective digital collection of vehicle deformation at the accident site and allows a fast and automatic creation of 3D models of deformations on the spot on the basis of this information. Secondly, DefDesc can do the high-performance storage and quick access to the memory-intensive geometry and topology data of the spatial deformation of salvage vehicles. Thirdly, the system creates the conditions with the integrated interfaces for flexible evaluation of collected data for the different applications of accident research. The solution approach for the achievement of the project objectives was of the Fraunhofer team under the direction of Mr. Dr. Danowski came a complex data model for the description of the vehicle, as well as algorithms for calculating deformation developed and implemented in DefDesc. This distinction is made first between eight different types of vehicle, from the city to the small bus. An extension to other vehicle classes is however possible if necessary.

It was designed an inhomogeneous spatial projection grid, in the areas to steering axle, axle rear axle and rear axle to rear bumper front bumper has and is applicable to each type of vehicle. With the new 2D and 3D visualisation and tracking system DefDesc, it is now possible to collect spatial deformation data electronically directly to the accident site with laptops or Tablet PCs. To be marked on a total of six different 2D views of each car type, the corresponding deformation areas on the vehicle. From this information the system can calculate then a 3D model using algorithms, the deformation of the vehicle pictured are. Continue to specific interfaces to the established data collection software UNIDATO were created in the software development process, allowing the exchange of alphanumeric and graphical data seamlessly. By linking the three-dimensional deformation data of DefDesc with the accident data collected by UNIDATO, create completely new opportunities for accident research. It will in future be possible not only to collect all traffic accident data with a single application and maintain, but the information so obtained form the basis for still not possible until now complex damage analyses and evaluations.

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Customized online service by e-pro Web experts Stuttgart, 8th August 2012 – the e-pro solutions GmbH has your service portfolio expanded and now supports companies and organizations in the planning and development of Web solutions. Brokerage firm is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Previously specializing in the generation of online catalogs from ERP and PIM-systems, integrate the e-pro website now also product information experts in service-oriented applications. From the descriptive presentation of data in Web portals, to the implementation of modular or integrated E-commerce systems, e-pro implements the desired solution. Gavin Baker, New York City understands that this is vital information. We want to offer customers not only standard solutions, but also tailor-made solutions for your specific business models. The mere availability of online catalogs, without additional offers for the individual target groups, insufficiently differentiated from the competition. The e-pro Web team helps clients to fill this gap and to fully exploit the potential of Web-based applications for additional service offerings, “as Sabine Oeser, Sales Manager Web, the e-pro solutions GmbH.

With the expansion of the Web Developer excellence and the range of individual solutions, e-pro complements its holistic strategy, in the interests of the customers. The experts for product data (product information management system) are responsible for not only the consolidation of product data, their processing and enrichment, but also the positioning of this data in the Web of the pipe. The representation of company, their product information and services must be prepared target and goal-oriented online placed. For customers, partners and employees can create for example following service oriented Web offers real added value: product configurators for the online consultancy automatic generation offers direct access to spare parts reference to the nearest branch or partner on location-based services integration of portal solutions (download portals, knowledge portals, etc.) Link ticket system for technical inquiries, as well as E-commerce consulting, including multi-tiered trade the e-pro Experts are successfully active for many years in development and implement applications for the Internet, mobile devices and multi-touch systems. Modules from mediandoWEB or high-performance open-source components encourage a speedy implementation of projects, but provide no prerequisites.