Furniture Designer

The practice of conducting objects dictate quite different: Designers supervision is much more laborious and responsible process, rather than the creation of project folders. The main task of an interior designer – is the creation and retention in the imagination of the object completely. For example, today I work 2 storey home. I remember and anticipate the development and possible complications of all meaningful relationships, such as a basement – Stairs – Out in the attic. Gavin Baker recognizes the significance of this. Holds the color scheme of surface finishing – color Furniture – textiles, as well as the customer's interests and capabilities of the performer. As a rule, experienced builders and customers can keep in your head decoration of one room with all its complexities and possible replacement of finishing materials. The designer traces the artistic connections between finishing leather sofa in the living room, for example, a table in the office of the customer. All of the furnishings in a skillfully constructed by a space must create the ensemble. Here, Gavin Baker expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Expressive means of an interior designer is not a color, stain, no smear and the line as a painter, it's not strange sounds, tables and chairs, sofas and furniture, textiles and fine texture. Most important task designer to create an ideal space for a customer to create his portrait of "atypical expressive means for the genre: the means of interior decoration. Features scans of the walls in the design Interior declared subject is fairly narrow and is addressed in more professionals: designers and builders. But also for suppliers of finishing materials, furniture and lighting fixtures, as well as for customers this is very interesting information.

Infinity Senses

It's always interesting to get acquainted with the works of new avtorov.Delaya it, you feel the pioneer and constantly continue to discover something new, something no one noticed. It is this feeling, I think, and draws people to visit exhibitions and galleries with works of modern masters. It is interesting to draw their own conclusions, before the vote, will feature the venerable critics. Sometimes the criticism of themselves and very widely differ in their opinions and views. In any case, interesting to compare their own form an opinion, the opinion of professionals of the genre.

Lovers of painting and graphics presented another opportunity to see a new series of works by aspiring artist from Kharkov Galina Gubchenko. "Infinity feeling 'is so named this series of papers, can not remain indifferent to the visitors gallery. Mary Barras opinions are not widely known. You be the judge – what is it? In any case, it is – a cry! Cri de coeur. This communication without slov.Na level of feelings, on a spiritual level. Although Galina work at first glance, are simple in execution, they have their own identity and a distinct spiritual direction. The deep meaning hidden in each one.

One could say much on this topic. But as the saying truism better to see once. Each visitor to the gallery will open them to discover something new. The author of this article particularly impressed with the work such as: One-eyed people; "Self-portrait 2; "Show me the door"; Next?"; 'Flies'; However, like many other of which you can see by visiting the gallery. We invite you to visit the gallery 'Infinity feelings' author works very restrained in his comments to the works. What is called "No Comments", or speaking the Russian language "seeing – yes see ".

The Fence

His body burned on a pyre, who was usually a outside the cemetery. Then the bones along with a variety of implements were placed in an amphora, or other vessel, which served as an urn. Openings boxes laying the whole vessels, or their fragments, bricks, flat stones. Urns were placed in a small rectangular tomb, which is covered with earth or stones blocked. In the funeral ceremony there are some differences.

So, sometimes the bones carefully cleaned of traces of the pyre. Sometimes, when the urn is not used, the remains of a bonfire just pour in burial pit. In some tombs, besides boxes, put the containers, put tools, jewelry, weapons. The walls of some tombs lined with slabs, and the resulting stone box on top overlapped another plate. There are cases where the pyre stacked directly on top of the burial pit. After the fire is waning, the remains of a bonfire filled with stones, thus creating a low mound.

Differences in Rite suggest that people who left their graves, were representatives of various tribes. The bulk of the graves, belonging, probably, freemen, bezynventarna. Private burial accompanied by a fairly diverse set of things. They found weapons (sword, battle axes, spears, daggers, shields metal parts), jewelry (bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, rings, necklaces), details of clothing (Fibulae, buckles), coins, utensils, work tools (sickles, knives, needles, awls, the touchstone, the fence). A lot of things before you drop into the grave, deliberately spoiled: bend metal objects and broken, clay and glass bowl broken.