Black Sea Coast

Soon the recipe was replicated, the drink has become popular – this not only drank wine, but also sprayed around the home, including furniture and walls. Rosemary – the main ingredient of the famous "Queen of Hungary Water" – the first in the world of spirits, attributed to Elizabeth of the Piast dynasty, the Queen of Hungary in the xv century. Already at that time were known therapeutic and stimulating properties of rosemary. Queen Elizabeth, the late old age, full of strength and energy, consider that the source of these forces is constant use of the well-known in all Europe "water." Currently, rosemary is grown in Italy, France, Yugoslavia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, North Africa, the United States (California, Florida). It grows on the southern coast of Crimea, on the Black Sea Coast. Has another name: sea dew.

Believe this plant has always been associated with many legends. If you hang the rosemary on the door and door jambs, it will protect the house from vedm.Eto belief existed in Germany and in the Tyrol, where the May Day ceremony was performed 'smoking witch'. It was decided to collect different plants, including rosemary, tie them in bundles together with resinous wood chips and burn with the following words: 'The Witch, away from here, not that be evil. "Man, which produced the ceremony, three rounds around the house screaming at the crowd and the din of pots and cans. Thus witches smoked from a shelter. Welsh believes the spoon, cut rosemary makes every meal nutritious.