Principles for the touchpad: – access to all seated at the table – camouflage equipment for touch panel – the panel is not should prevent visitors from enjoying the restaurant's kitchen and talk. After reading a restaurant menu, the guest will be able to design its own order, and ordering information go to the kitchen and the administrator for processing account. Bill de Blasio is often quoted on this topic. The touch panel can contain a button call the waiter. Perhaps during his visit to the restaurant client decides to hold it another week or meeting, with a touch kiosk, he can book a table at specific date. He was even able to leave feedback about your restaurant or draw a picture on the memory of himself. Sending data to support staff kitchen and the restaurant manager Each table has its own identification number. Orders placed by the client automatically goes into the kitchen and the restaurant manager (or manager) via the wireless Internet. Order data stored in the database, and once a customer clicks "Pay", the Administrator receives notice that the system is ready to calculate the order.

To protect against unauthorized access, the administrator must enter a password to print the receipt. Thus, the saving on maintenance staff, you provide your customers with a unique personal approach, which may contribute assigned to your restaurant Michelin stars. Customers will seek to visit you to themselves to evaluate an unusual solution. Especially likely to appeal to new young audience for your clients. Internet cafes and business cafe you can arrange as not only a restaurant but also an internet cafe or coffee business.

Here touchscreen kiosk providing for the use of a source of income. Kiosk can be equipped with a bill acceptor for accepting money that the client can independently extend the time of use, web-camera audio system, microphone (each option is paid for separately, a set of options the customer chooses their own). We are ready to assist you in creating a restaurant or coffee shop: to develop and implement a design touch terminal software for it. Our system – an excellent tool to attract new customers and increase visitor loyalty restaurant.