Wooden Chairs

Wooden chairs – a nice decoration and very functional piece of furniture. They are reliable, durable and high environmental performance. This furniture is very old and arose during its existence has undergone many changes and transformations. As a result, the buyer now has a great selection of chairs made of wood. The main advantage of wooden chairs in front of metal and plastic is the lack of any harmful impurities that have a negative impact on human health. Thanks to all possible developments in the furniture industry today is eco-friendly furniture. Wood is a natural material. Exactly therefore, wooden furniture has a positive energy.

All wood furniture is distinguished by its strength. Elements of the model are fixed by bolts, which allows for rocking the boat, it is easy to restore the old structure hardness. All wood chairs are divided into three main classes: hard, soft and semi-soft. Rigid chairs have a backrest and seat, made without the use of padding and elastic materials, in other words – entirely of wood. For soft chairs make special flooring thickness of 40-50 mm.

Semi-soft stools – this is an interim solution, the flooring of which has an average thickness. When choosing wood furniture should pay attention to wood texture and appearance of the model. Today in the manufacture of furniture manufacturers are actively using hardwood, softwood and valuable species such as oak, cherry, ash, beech, walnut, alder, mahogany and many others. Through a variety of choice of wood, it is possible to create original wooden chairs that amaze customers. Wooden chairs are used more than their counterparts who made of other materials. Wooden chairs are widely used in homes, theaters and restaurants. They are comfortable and can give a room comfort and convenience. Properly selected chairs will make the interior of the original and enjoyable.