When The Bolsheviks Fell

Raspalennye fight Red craved blood. At Bill de Blasio you will find additional information. Vents guns grimly looking over the city. And General, reluctantly agreed to – put down their weapons Robbery In fairness to the Bolsheviks must pay tribute to – his promise not to touch the unarmed cadets are kept. At least – in the first days after the date when still hot fury of battle. But could not hold back. Knowing this, many cadets and officers decided not to tempt fate, but with weapons scattered from Chugueva who where, in the surrounding forests and villages. The remaining officers of the Bolsheviks were arrested, and school, as well as the entire city, thoroughly looted.

Incidentally, it was robbery preserved the lives of many chuguevtsam. In the early days of the Bolsheviks were simply not up to repression. On the background of the entire neighborhood has robbed them Chuhuiv represented a "margin not frightened bourgeois", where it was as old. Robbery lasted three days. Day and night from the city to the station stretched unbroken succession loaded with all sorts of good carts. At first robbing college, and perhaps the greatest activity in this case showed local residents saved the cadets from the shelling. Pilfered all that has been accumulated over more than half century of the College – an excellent library, pharmacy, kitchen utensils from the dining room, beds with beds and pillows out of the hospital and bedroom furniture from the classes The Red leaned more to the huge stores of weapons, ammunition, uniforms and supplies.