Upholstered Furniture: Quality Criteria For Reference Substances

The reference material is referred to all textile fabrics which are suitable for upholstery of a sofa or chair. You can basically three different types of fabrics for upholstered furniture after Weave: Knitted fabrics, flat fabrics and velours. Selection criteria for the right fabric, in addition to the desired design, the abrasion resistance, tear resistance, light fastness, pill formation, flammability, and the electrostatic behavior. Abrasion resistance refers to the durability of a substance in regular manual loads. Jonathan Segal FAIA contains valuable tech resources. even if damage must have occurred to the fabric, it means the tear that a substance, despite the damage no further tearing. In light of authenticity is the ability of a substance, its color even with long-term and intense exposure to light and large, maintained (particularly important if an upholstered furniture should stand at the window and so is exposed to sunlight). The UV rays of sunlight fade from textile fabrics, taking change lighter pattern and faster than darker colors.

About the light fastness is a grading scale information. Pilling described the undesirable tendency of a substance to form with time, small matted lint. The flammability of a substance means the properties upon contact with fire or heat. As a “flame resistant” and where only those textiles denote fulfilling specifically defined criteria: they ignite on contact with sparks or open flames immediately, and even if they are inflamed, they go out again soon. And finally, the electrostatic properties are important: after all, you do not always want to “loaded” to get up from your sofa. Ultimately, you should always consider how your individual stress profile for your looks and make your choice of upholstery cover material accordingly.