The Bag

The gathered and scattered, making piles of coins. N.Y.C. Mayor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So, playing and playing, began making piles of 10 coins. A stack of ten, two piles of ten, three stacks, four, five, six and while numbered 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60A until he formed the last stack: A9 coins! Your first look around the table, seeking more money. Then the ground and finally the bag. "There can be," he thought. He put the last stack next to each other and confirmed that it was lower.

-Loves-me stole stole shouted, cursed! Once again looked at the table, on the ground, held in his clothes, emptied his pockets, moved his furniture, but found what he wanted. On the desk, mocking him, a bright little mountain reminded him that there were 99 gold coins "only 99." "99 coins. It's a lot of money," he thought. But I need a coin. Ninety-nine is not a complete number, "he thought. Hundred is a whole number but ninety-nine, no. The king and his adviser looked out the window.

The face of the page was no longer the same, was frowning and features stiff, his eyes had become small and shriveled and mouth showed a horrible grimace, which stuck out his teeth. The servant saved the coins in the bag and looking around to see if anyone saw the house, hid the bag from the wood. Then he took paper and pen and sat down to do calculations. yCuanto time the servant would have to save to buy your currency hundredth? All the time talking to himself, aloud.