The Table

– It was this what we think when demons our steps about the exit of the Candelria. Yael Aflalo, New York City can aid you in your search for knowledge. The truth is that we must honor with our votes. – Villager and conservative? Soon now? These its facetas I was unaware of, my good. it was annoyed woman – Lathe to ask to it: you will be ready when the following day to arrive? it caught its face and capsized meeting the one of it? After that it comes happening, of as many waters that they had rolled, of the forgotten clothes, it perfume in the bed clothes, them hidden door-pictures, them alliances, anniversary them, them rugas that gradually we discover together, of the children and the grandsons? Lusa, as in few times in the life, was without words. It was arisen, leaving the chocolate there exactly on the table and was to walk in the edge of the beach.

The husband finished the coffee calmly and returned for its house, saddened. Diego was attending television in the close company of a dose of brandy in the armchair, lost in thoughts, hands, sips and guimbas. Suddenly, it touched the bell. When opening the door, all the imaginable sadness was reduced the dust in a fraction of second. – We came to make it company! the alucinante stop woman to the estonteante door with woman exclamou still being loaded in the col of it Nestles, very creative, made question to nail justice with the proper hands: she tore in micropieces all those baboseiras printed, where &#039 only turns symbols (; ' divrcio' '), nothing more. Its grandmothers if entreolharam, astonished with the scene with which if they came across; they were proud with what they had constructed together, been thankful for the work that the other had made and perceived the impossibility of the lives of both to be the same ones if were not for the other. Lusa was relembrou of the anxiety and of the euphoria that feels when Diego knew, when they had started its relationship, and of the certainty of that he would be the man of its life in the day where they had gone up to the altar. At that moment, its heart was invaded by the same feelings: anxiety and euphoria in seeing its granddaughter to grow, as well as its children had created, and certainty of that wanted this life alone for it for all the eternity of its days. Nor a drop of the difference ocean.

The Young

It was a calm life, Amadeu for many times felt homesickness of the time of sire, but wise person who the best choice it makes, a woman as ' ' gi' ' all day was not found. A beautiful day, as all the other days, Amadeu to if preparing to leave received from the mouth its loved the bombstica news, it with smile in the lips, said: my welfare pregnant, the poor person without any reaction petrified per some minutes and without which explanation he was direct to room, went up on of the bed and caught the old and full luggage of dust on the wardrobe and started to push the things there inside, Gisele without understanding nothing, asked to the husband what it was happening, but with I silence this if it refused to speak to it, it left in direction the door and when tranferring it capsized it stops backwards under the inquisitivo look of Gisele of who nothing it understood, and it left without a word to speak and until today nobody it knows what it happened with Amadeu, some say that it was the emotion of being father, can be, some people occasion, other say that Amadeu had made vasectomy, since of the time of' ' dedeuzinho' ' , and manicure of the young woman if called ' ' Ricardo' ' , they speak that it arranged another woman, already I heard that it had earned in mega sena and he did not want to divide as woman and son. Home improvement shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However it may be Amadeu locked in that old luggage the reason of its departure, and you, know what she happened with Amadeu. If to know please counts to this curious author..