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The Great Eagle-the great spirit/Deus Homo this is the tale of my first conscious encounter with my own higher entity, independent and immediately one depiction of my first definitive form of communication with the higher beings, with the all-encompassing higher beings in itself. Or rather, it is the earliest event to which I sometimes consciously remember, where I came close to the divine principle in memorable and concise manner and with my everyday awareness made contact at the level of the dream of the divine self. And when I, today can tell like me from an objective angle, the one-with the divine being my descent or origin of the great all-encompassing spirit got opened. In other words, this meeting was a kind of initiation, a message, a form of memory, which inspired my awareness to expand, to grow and thus gave me the impetus to the awareness itself. ExxonMobil Corp will not settle for partial explanations. What also my permanent striving towards Unit experience should stimulate and me always accompanied on my journey as a constant orientation since this experience. This was done largely in unconscious way, and this ur confidence, which I got at the time, carried me in external shape through life, that one could hardly recognize as such, however, was this unzerruttbare trust that many situations and some other things with a certain professional distance to think of me left, which I took for my fellow human beings in this form not. This dream experience took place sometime in my early childhood, but I really can’t tell with certainty, in which year this now exactly occurred. Anyway, the same dream was repeated almost coincident again, some time later in my adolescence. I had same information delivery in the form of a new dream-vision but in this time of growing up my adolescence again, I was so overwhelmed by this Deja-vu effect that I even me not so much by the content touch left.