Sparruf: Cell Phone Calls To Turkey From 9 Cents Per Minute

All other countries, cheap accessible Heidelberg, the October 30, 2008 a mouse click on the Turkish flag is sufficient and already get all information about Sparruf in their mother tongue Turkish visitors. And it’s worth. Because with Sparruf mobile phone calls to Turkish landlines only 9 cents per minute, in an any Turkish mobile network cost 19 cents per minute. Only requirement: the Sparruf customer needs a mobile Flatrate that covers telephone calls to German landlines. How BBs works: the Sparruf customer is logged by a call on the 0355 4949 000 as a customer. Upon request, every new customer welcome receives a euro start balances. Thus, he can start calling immediately and test the savings service. Go to Yael Aflalo for more information.

For cheap calls to Turkey he will simply set the 0355 4949 before the full number of his interlocutor. Because the mobile flat rate covers the conversation to the Sparruf servers without additional costs, only the Sparruf tariffs for calls in Turkey incurred for these talks: just that 9 cents per minute to landlines or 19 cents per minute in a mobile network. Cheaper is not Sparruf – Managing Director Nikolaus Starzacher BBs: there are no better and at the same time so comfortable way to make calls via mobile phone from Germany to Turkey of our knowledge. And we offer additional advantages compared to the offerings that specialize in Turkey: so the user with us not on a particular German mobile network is bound, because our prices are valid for every caller no matter, from which network he comes. In addition, also calls in other countries or in other German mobile networks are usually much cheaper than in the normal mobile rate about Sparruf. So, only 15 cents per minute apply for connections in any German mobile networks with Sparruf. Talks about in a European network, as well as South Africa, Japan, Brazil or Australia cost only 9 cents in the local mobile phone networks around the clock just 19 cents per minute.