Spa Skin Treatments

Difficulties in choosing what will we do in the bath? Strange it would seem, the question – of course steam. But when it was announced the entire list provided by the sauna suite of procedures, we are faced with difficult choices. What to choose – massage, peeling, or maybe wrap? And what a massage – cellulite, feet, head, cryomassage? Body Wrap – honey, mud? Turkish-style steam bath with soap massage, or in Russian with a broom? Want everything at once and more, but have a limit – power to all will not suffice. Help came bathhouse. Get more background information with materials from cabinets. They are both true professionals quickly took the initiative in their hands.

"Relax, relax?: – They said – Then, for a start, go to the hammam. On the beach we were lying on the shore of the – Salt lightly pinched the skin, we were so good In fact, we lay, inhaling scented steam on the hot marble slabs in the sauna, Turkish bath suite Kimberly Land ", but the salt was really with the Dead Sea and fun Currently, both at rest. Vertiginous sensation: a fragrant steam and heat stress, and removed the marble in his mind and body, and bath attendants quickly, neatly and at the same time very carefully overwhelm us Dead Sea salt. Have not gone unnoticed or our weary bones or joints. Why do so many people think that the present effective procedure must necessarily be painful and uncomfortable? For example, we peacefully asleep while we were doing massage and have not experienced in this case not discomfort.