Preserving Health

yRecuerdas this saying? Well, I simply wish to detail some aspects that I consider very important. (Note "very important"). First, when I have the luck and opportunity to share ideas with some friends, I with the expected response of that question is usually so worn sometimes: yVives right? And the truth is in most cases, is to blame the obligation to work that we put their lives back. No one is trying, I least thought or impose the idea that our lives "should" be dependent on the job. It is necessary but there are more important. Maybe we can put ourselves in two thick groups of people: the practical and … not practical. In the first group the tendency is to live day by day, "without making problems", for details of a very simple, though not without its overtones also varied and somewhat complex, on the other side is the position of people (like me) that aims to make life not only a "stay" comfortable but also sees as an opportunity to improve in life and still see the near future.

In either case, I think we should try to make some adjustments to our life by taking more positive attitudes in the first place to preserve our health: physical, emotional, psychological, physiological, spiritual, and second, to be an instrument of peace and love to serve others. Many times I have heard that the love and positive energy that radiates loads of others are very strong and very positive return to you, feeding your soul, your heart and your whole being. But to achieve this, one must live well. That is, giving space and attention to every moment, in relation to oneself. If our life becomes calm, positive, embracing values and putting them into practice, looking to make good on the go and with whom you are, then it will be the beginning of a life of peace and love. Our thoughts are very powerful, and the way we think directly affects our whole being.

Then we consider be changing some lifestyle habits for the best, and everything depends on oneself. It is never late, always do the necessary changes if we really want not only live longer but mostly live better. A quiet but not passive life, a life full of positive energy and surrounded by peace and love, is what we must, each of us, searching relentlessly moving to our "trash" those ideas and attitudes "obsolete" to make way new forms of life that we "update" and all the interest be regular "maintenance" with the aim of not falling into our lives "virus" that suffocate our expectations of life. We must put a "security system" as a sentinel to monitor and control the external attacks, and immediately assume, if necessary, an effective defense and positive. If we take into account many positive factors in our lives, as necessary and sufficient sleep, feed properly with healthy foods, listening to good music, relaxing day in the stillness of the soul, find oneself at night, dancing occasionally, singing with joy, read a good book, etc.., etc. I think they do much by ourselves. After all … SLOW TO GET AWAY.