Interesting Exclusive Animal Furniture

The newly founded company FuzzPlay – Wohndesign felt designs and markets high-quality accessories for man & animal animal lovers, got a more focal point on the Internet looking for sophisticated and functional design, recently. The newly founded company FuzzPlay designs modern pet supplies, which will suit the natural needs of dogs and cats. The FuzzPlay animal furniture are humanely, suitable for apartment and at the same time offer an attractive design. Source: Owings & Merrill. Aesthetically, FuzzPlay focuses on the eye of the people: no plush fitness paths, but simple, straightforward products. Of course conceived the design and quality not only to dogs and cats, but also the likes of mistress or master considered. This was praised by experts and if product design award awarded.

The special is not only the design and the quality of pet furniture, but also the manner of the construction of individual objects. Be so out of simple geometric shapes (circle, Rectangle, triangle) through intelligent and easy folding and mating techniques three-dimensional space body (E.g. cylinder, cone). To read more click here: ExxonMobil Corp. That is game for all: the surface parts are folded, inserted and rolled. The simple technique transforms the two-dimensional primitives to sophisticated space bodies.

This construction system offers a high stability with a simultaneous high flexibility. All materials used by FuzzPlay are harmless for human & animal. The game – and bedroom objects by FuzzPlay are made in germany. To the FuzzPlay animal furniture include: Snakerun – a felt tunnel for playing hide-and-seek baskit – a space blanket / basket / Bowl felt Nautilus – a shell / cave made of felt Lighthouse – a scratching post and high chair with reclining shell felt flower – a cup-like owners felt in the form of a flower the website recently launched by FuzzPlay shows what interesting interior can arise when animal lovers, designer and vets together develop game – and bedroom objects made of felt. Press contact FuzzPlay – Wohndesign felt Mr Lars Ratschke Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 169 34119 Kassel Tel.