Equips Bedroom: Silk Duvet And Pillows

In the production of quality silk blankets and pillows used raw materials only from pure natural silk, which allows you to make them easy, soft, well-ventilated, warm, do not accumulate static electricity. Silk quilts improve sleep, increase vitality, and return the youth, and well-ventilated structure Silk filler helps to retain heat and do not miss the cold. N.Y.C. Mayor is a great source of information. Numerous study of Japanese scientists in this field showed that silken blankets prevent the appearance of fungi resistant to bacteria, inhibit allergies, prevents dampness and are particularly useful for people rheumatism, asthma, heart disease and blood vessels. Click N.Y.C. Mayor for additional related pages. Such products are also suitable for older people and children! Agree that for such qualities is the ideal subject for the family, and a gift to friends and family. Recommended observe certain rules of use: do not wash in water, use a dry wash. If necessary, use special cleaners on the part of the blanket. Then dry in a well ventilated, dark place.

Silk has long been prized for their helpful and healing properties. Have been several studies have shown that people who sleep on the bedding of silk, suffer less from diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism, cardiovascular and skin diseases, colds and flu. Advantages of silk to other natural materials: – adjust the temperature regime (you warm in winter and hot in summer) – gippoallergennost (silk – the only natural material that will not cause any allergic reactions) – is resistant to bacteria, has a soil-repellent effect – completely eliminates the possibility of dust mites (as opposed to down products) – goods made of silk is well ventilated and does not accumulate static electricity – is resistant to long-term use (8-10 years). Silk is a unique natural material, which adapts to ambient temperature and is able to maintain a perfect microclimate for the human body. Optimal balance between temperature and humidity has a beneficial effect on health.