Control Panel

They are functional and cheaper. Get all the facts and insights with Katie Lapp, another great source of information. Typically, buyers (especially women customers) strongly only require a gas "oven" because the stereotype that the gas – it's practically free. But if you calculate and understand, operate electric oven will cost not much more expensive than gas, as energy, it "eats" not more Conventional iron. Based on the selected oven, it will be easier to determine the hob (gas or electric). They come from 60 to 90 cm in width, have a system gazkontrolya, automatic ignition, with triple flame near burners with cast iron or metal railings, as well as with ceramic hob. The location of the burners can be square, rhomboid, trapezoidal, etc. Hob is better to take a wider size.

There have been cases of people who bought the bar at 60 cm, soon came over the other – for 70, or all of the 90 cm extractor hood, at first glance, the simplest thing in the whole range of kitchen appliances. But it's not quite true. The main quality of drawing – its power. That it affects the purity of air in your kitchen. And if you buy expensive furniture, but a weak extract, then there is the risk that all dust, dirt and soot will settle on your stylish kitchen. Therefore, to extract (or more precisely, on its power) savings should not be.

Without significance and its size. As a rule, it is 50, 60, 70, 90, 120 and 150 cm It should be noted that the size of a kitchen cleaner air "should be slightly wider than the cooktop. The design drawing are straight, dome-shaped, fireplace, trapezoid. I do not advise to put over the hood of the corrugated tube "foil". Noise in them is such that talking in the kitchen you can hardly. Much better to install a smooth plastic Breather. Fashion item this season – Halogen or colored lights on the hood. When choosing a dishwasher, above all, you need to determine its size. It depends on the area of the kitchen and the number of people in your family. It is hardly worth taking a "restaurant" car for a family of three. Built-in dishwashers may have a hidden or open the Control Panel. In addition to various programs, car washes, they have different pleasant "Chips". For example, the function of "Ray on the floor": whose presence on the floor – the signal does not complete the process, and lack of it – indicates that washing is completed. But the chief charm of the dishwasher is not that it washes over you, and how to it does it. Even the old dishes, which seemed to be irretrievably lost its original luster, after one or two cycles of washing again shines like new. The kitchen has an oven and stove, a built-in microwave, as generally used only for its intended purpose – to heat the food. So both in terms of baking oven is neither a microwave oven!