Classic Furniture

In ancient times, furniture was developed not as a separate structure of the interior as well as complement the architectural composition. Because of this elevated beauty of baroque furniture interior as a whole, helped by a dynamic nature of the architecture, which is the performance of the molding and gilt decoration and painting. For the Baroque style is characterized by unprecedented luxury, sophistication, representative art style, although he retains the such an important feature of classical style, as a symmetry. The main elements of Baroque style dates back to antiquity, the main thing that distinguishes the Baroque – a high dynamic forms, restless rhythm of curved lines, for it Contrast peculiar, the desire for greatness and splendor. The interior of the baroque style all talking about wealth, success and prestige, high social status of the owner. Upholstered furniture in classic style has remained the most relevant and practical today. The Classics – it's the golden mean, which is out of fashion and out of competition. Classic chairs and sofas are different harmonic forms and solemnity.

Traditional upholstery materials are: leather, silk or linen. Color solution may be different, valid as bright and pastel-cream colors, often with the addition of gold thread. Best furniture in classic style suitable for classrooms and living rooms. Classical furniture is a true piece of art, strikes our fancy quirkiness lines, vivid contrasts, the rich decorative elements. Chairs, sofas and armchairs upholstered expensive richly colored cloth. Widespread enormous four-poster bed and flowing down quilts, giant exquisite beauty closets. Mirrors are decorated with sculptures and moldings.

Confuse this style with any other is simply impossible. Baroque was the first in the history of art that connects the two concepts – the style and way of life. Currently, there are many different directions in interior styling, but even the most popular and well known today navryadli remain so over a hundred years or after the lapse of half a century. Baroque – a whole era, made in this style of furniture will always be elegant, luxurious, prestigious and relevant.