Let There Be Color

Bathroom design has traditionally been the subject of the most daring fantasies. Of course, in its arrangement of all the important parts: planning, placement of interior lighting. But to start, perhaps, should be a choice color palette. Realizing what colors will predominate in the decoration, it is much easier to resolve all outstanding issues. How to avoid the extremes and at the same time not to create something colorful or dull nothingness? Let us try to understand this details. Physiology of color is well known that all colors are divided in their perception of the man on the warm and cold. The first group includes red, yellow, orange and shades, and the second – variations of blue, blue and purple. Green occupies an intermediate position, the perception of color is determined by the predominance of yellow or blue in its composition.

Colours, dominant in the finishing room, largely determines our emotional state and even physiological reactions. For example, it was found that at the same ambient temperature of a room decorated in red and orange colors will appear warmer than the one in which dominant finishes blue-green spectrum. Moreover, "fluctuations in temperature" is quite significant and can reach 6-8 degrees. Warm colors in the interior create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, tone. However, as we approach the red end of the spectrum of their effect becomes exciting. In contrast, cool colors calm and help relax and focus. Sufficiently controversial purple: being deep and thick, it is a depressing effect on the psyche and is capable of even cause depression, but his lightening and muted shades completely calm.

Increase The Value Of The Premises After Repair

Of course, you decide whether you need to tidy up your apartment, office or other real estate, but remember one of the most important laws of economics: if you want to make a profit – to make investments. Make repairs room tidy all utility services, decorate it an interesting design – and your investment will pay off mnogokratno.Nu a beautiful package that can highlight strengths and mitigate weaknesses, will perform original design registration of your premises. An experienced designer will be able to decorate any room, making him the purchase or lease more attractive in comparison with those so .Tochno same situation is in real estate. It is unlikely that paying tenant will be willing to pay a higher rate per room, which looks like running and groomed. Well, if you sell a building, then even cosmetic repairs will not yield – almost always a buyer very carefully studied the site and its status. Therefore, the repair must include the full range of necessary work – building, decorating, engineering – in order to meet all your accommodation requirements. Someone will speak with the opposition, they say, repairs – it is expensive, why should it make it unnecessary expenses. But just think: you've come to the store, on display is high-quality cheese in a good vacuum-packed, so you can be assured of its quality, and next, all without any packaging, too, the cheese, but with an unpleasant smell and forbidding appearance, but – at the price lower than the first. What you choose? The answer, I think, is obvious – in such matters always choose kachestvo.Otkroyte any newspaper, magazine or website, who publish advertisements for the sale or lease of real property, and you will see that the apartment or office in one the same area with the same area and sometimes in the same building can vary widely in price. Sometimes the difference is 50 percent or more. You ask – what has played a significant role in the pricing? The answer to this the question is obvious: the technical and external condition of ongoing or rental premises.

Good Care Makes A Good Contact Lens

Cleaning products adapted to eye and lens allow storage and cleaning of contact lenses have a large impact on comfort and long-term tolerability. Who wants to wear the invisible helpers of seeing long carefree, can professionally customize not only the lenses themselves, but also the care products. Care products for contact lenses, there are today not only at the optometrist, but also in drugstores, pharmacies, and even on the Internet. But therefore to assume that matter, thus keeping his lenses in shot, is a dangerous fallacy: what care is the best, to a large extent depends on how the eye is constructed from properties that the carrier can not even judge. A contact lens fitting, determines the lenses specialist therefore also equal care solution, and explains the application. Contact lenses must be cleaned, depends also from the lens type and the material. Month and year lenses require virtually no particularly intensive care day lenses. Soft lenses which are otherwise to clean as dimensionally stable and should therefore never be associated with hard lens care together.

In this case can the soft lenses sources and to incorporate ingredients of means of hard lenses in them”, explained Peter Moest, Professor of Contactoptik and optometry measurement procedures, and head of the laboratory of contact lenses at the Beuth Hochschule in Berlin. The result: the lens can no longer be used. There are a number today easy to use, care systems ausgetuftelter. The most popular, also most convenient is the so-called all-in-one solution so a bottle”for the complete care. Vadim Wolfson has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition, there are systems that consist of several components. This includes the manual cleaning with additional surface cleaners.

What solution the best for eyes and lenses, also decides to adapt. “Good care, not a nice barn makes a good horse.” For contact lenses, this Danish proverb is limited. Because even the “stall”, so the Contact lens cases, should not be forgotten when cleaning. Studies have shown that 50 percent of contact lens cases are Bacterially contaminated. It does not, lens carrier should change the solution daily and rinse out the tank. As another rule of thumb: water and SOAP are hand duty, before it goes to the lenses. For contact lenses and containers, tap water, however, is taboo. Germ, salt and lime, are included in the water can lead to irritation of the eye. For long term healthy wearing the eyes should regularly check even after the adjustment. Thus, it is ensured that cleaning products, lenses and eyes are well tolerated. The control examination is recommended but also and in particular for those lenses and care accessories do not have adjust.

Projection Future

Projection of the Future is essential? The projection is essential pra its survival, since that she is well used. It imagines that it needs to extract a tooth that is aching very, more is postponing because each time that thinks about the dentist, its tooth aches less. When it decides to go to the doctor’s office, the tooth will literally leave to ache. What it becomes this possible one? The capacity to project the future and to take based decisions in what it imagines and as will react what it imagines. This capacity is essential to survive, therefore it evaluates the consequncias of possible attitudes. If it dreamed that it gained an car new, when to wake up, is a little sad; or better, it leaves to feel the joy that felt in the dream, since it cannot lose what it never had. To the times, he is anxious, thus, for nothing.

How can be anxious when everything is well? Because it must be reacting to some projection that made. The projection of the future can generate anxiety. If it will have a speech to make, will be anxious. Not with the speech, but with the possibility of if giving badly. If to imagine future and to focar the bad part, will be anxious. If to focar the good part, will be motivated. When dirige and sees a pedestrian, makes a projection of what it can happen. If to conclude that it goes to beat, goes to brake, to deviate or to speed up.

These reactions are so fast that nor quick attention. It is an unconscious process. Coo to walk and to speak. Filed under: Yael Aflalo. But the great advantage of the projections is in the forecast of the future; if something does not go to please, you can project something that pleases. Because the future always we are who we choose.


However, the IPCA of this year registered the percentage of 12,53, exceeding the goal in 9,3%. Analyzing all historical of this system she is notable who this year was what more she surpassed the foreseen goal. As the Report of the Inflation of 2002, the year was marked by a reliable crisis, in function of the electoral period in the October month and for the increase of the aversion to the risk in the international markets. This finished resulting in the fall of the demand for public headings in the financial market, the accented depreciation of the exchange tax and in the increase of the expectations of inflation of the economic agents. As it shows Table 7 and in accordance with the structural model of the Central banking, the inflation accumulated in 2002 can be decomposed of the following form: Table 7: Decomposition of the tax of inflation in 2002 ItemContribuio in Contribution in Points Exchange PercentuaisPercentual Repasse 5.8246.4% Inflation of Prices Livres*2.2818.2% Inflation of Prices Administrados*1.8514.8% Expectativa1.6513.2% Inertia 20000.937.4% *Excluindo exchange view and inertia Source: Central banking. In accordance with the table above, exchange depreciation represented 46.4% of the inflation measured for the IPCA, what in the decomposition of the inflation it mentions 5,82 percentile points to it. The inflation of the free prices was responsible for 2,28 percentile points, representing 18.2%. Already the inflation of the managed prices was responsible per 1,85 of the 2002 inflation.

The Report of Inflation of 2001 had foreseen inflation of only 5.3% of the prices managed for contact and monitored, being that, effectively, the inflation reached 15.3%, with prominence for the prices of the gas of stopper, the alcohol and the electricity, that had increased, respectively, 48.3%, 31.5% and 19.9%. The deterioration of the inflation expectations contributed with 1,65 percentile points in the variation of the IPCA of 2002. inflationary inertia proceeding from 2001 would have contributed with 0,93 percentile point.


It is true that we handle much information in enterprises; It is a lot, but perhaps it is not always sufficient and suitable, nor is sufficiently rigorous and simple to translate into valuable and applicable knowledge. We can be doing wrong learnings and false learnings, and perhaps wrong us decisions, because the information is not reaching the proper quality, or evaluate it properly. We can have good networks and good supports, but, in some cases, poor information. It makes the warning, information that we use in the companies always has the meaning which appears, nor can we believe everything we read in the printed or electronic media. It is true that each of us perceives realities in their own way, depending on your beliefs, feelings, values, concerns and wishes; but we can also see before incomplete, confusing, manipulated, or inaccurate information. So, if we add the possible lack of quality in the information with the tendency of the brain (by its many filters), to deceive ourselves, the result would be unreliable.

Definitely need a good culture of information, which companies operate properly, inculcate where all its human resource identifying it and know operation, where the information data banks are resting on an easy to handle, soon learn informational system and generate good results. To the extent that the knowledge becomes more dynamic product in the case of the operation of enterprises, their competitiveness, thanks to new technologies, developed new styles of management, it is necessary not to neglect this form affects productivity, performance of the worker and his motivation for his innovative talent benefiting everyone. All no doubt thanks to all these developments, transformations of the economy, their marketing has led to is a new knowledge worker, as Enebral which requires, of course, points out good dose of informational dexterity in this respect stresses the importance; Drucker said about it, who lego your profile pointing out aspects: Visible degree of personal and professional development. Digital and informational skills. On the performance and lifelong learning autonomy. Creative ability and innovative attitude.

Loyalty to the profession and quality of work.This worker constitutes, therefore, indicates Enebral, a valuable asset for the straight economics of knowledge; But let me remind you also that the manual worker is not necessarily outside this profile, because there are manual jobs that require large doses of knowledge, without recourse to the example of the dentist or surgeon. All jobs are necessary in society, and most of them require a specialization to be updated periodically, not counting the probable assumption of new roles and responsibilities by workers. Nor identify the knowledge worker with University origin: almost all have to learn continuously and therefore handle ideal Informacionconcretamente, the present expresses a great knowledge economy where required be prepared to operate effectively in it and ensure organizations participation enabling them to results that economy demand. Consider what manifests Enebral Fernandez, that that economy professionals demand that are Permanent learner and, with their individual competitiveness, contributing to the collective. Necessary to develop all our faculties and strengths of human beings, and the need to make knowledge valuable and applicable information available. But, if a hiatus there is between knowledge and information, is there between this and the technology, also found hiatuses between knowledge and high performance, and between knowledge and innovation. Improve our productivity and competitiveness would happen, without ruling out other challenges, to properly resolve these four hiatuses in each company.

Brigitte Huebert

The dental practice of Brigitte Huebert informed autumn is cold season. This increases the risk of infection. Who is a cold or is even a flu, transfers his illness not only to colleagues and family members. Also the toothbrush will not be spared. On the bristles germs and viruses remain, which can then lead to a back infection.

Informed about the importance, to replace the toothbrush after diseases, the dentist Brigitte Huebert from Minden. New toothbrush to prevent new infection toothbrushes are in use every day. At least it should be. When one was ill, you should exchange as quickly as possible, as soon as one is healthy again. Because them germs and viruses establish themselves, which can cause a new infection. This should be done not only to infections. Even after inflammations in the mouth and throat or Herpes infections, it is important that you disposed of the old toothbrush, to protect themselves against further infection. Yael Aflalo describes an additional similar source.

A conventional Manual toothbrush should be replaced completely. With an electric brush, the brush head is simply replaced. A change is useful but not only after an illness. Dentists also recommend to replace the toothbrush every three months. Because the bristles wear out and lose their elasticity, so that they no longer appears in the teeth and not optimally to clean the teeth. During the illness you should make sure also to place the toothbrush next to those used by other people, because like bacteria on them can proceed.

Monarchis Name

Wolf-Dieter Guip communicates for the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH Neu-Ulm since June 2008 is a Wolf-Dieter Guip (57) for the press – and public relations and investor relations of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm responsible. I see the very dynamically developing real estate trade and financial management company of Monarchis as a good challenge, based on my many years of experience whose reputation in the public and increase with qualified information to strengthen investor confidence further”says Dipl.-Betriebswirt Wolf-Dieter Guip. The Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH operates successfully in the real estate trade and acquired currently 17 multi family houses with 85 apartments located near Kassel. Still, the company has issued a capital market issue, whose ranking runs very well. As press spokesman and head of press and public relations and investor relations is Guip since June 2008 new on Board of the Monarchis team. Wolf-Dieter Guip, the last over three years as Adviser for press and public relations, as well as freelance journalist was active, press – and public relations, as well as investor launched previously of ALNO AG almost 10 years as a press spokesman the areas of relations. Contact for the press: Wolf-Dieter Guip press and public relations, investor relations, 89231 Neu-Ulm, Edisonallee 1-3 phone: 0731 980 996 59 fax: 0731 980 996 30 mobile: 0177 35 65-666 E-mail: Web: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate business and financial managers with a recent focus on residential real estate in Western and central Germany.


A recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Buenos Aires (uba) in Argentina, proposes a relationship between periodontal disease and coronary risk. Periodontal disease affects the gums and the support structure of the teeth and is caused by poor oral hygiene. Even estimates that the coronary risk in people with periodontal disease is greater than that of a smoker, and only minor than a person with high cholesterol. The information was released by the Argentine daily La Nacion and points out that according to the literature, major coronary risk factors diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, stress and tobacco use, explained Dr. Osvaldo Costa, holder of the Chair of Periodontics at the uba. Our study supports the theory that periodontal disease is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease. Necessary to study in more depth, because it is serious. One has the idea that periodontal disease is a problem of old age, and not really so says Costa-appears in advanced ages, but begins between the ages of 20 and 25. To avoid complications consult your dentist at least once a year for a complete overhaul.

Drawing Cabinet Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is used in every home. This chest of drawers and cabinets, cabinets for various purposes, secretaries, shelving, bedroom sets, children's kitchens, which each of us certainly enjoyed almost every day. It can produce custom-made, according to your drawing, choose the size, configuration – it's undeniable advantages of modular furniture. The disadvantages of high-quality modular furniture must be attributed fragility, in fact, as a rule, furniture not made of wood, chipboard, mdf, metal and glass. But if this flaw was formed in most cases, improper handling and lack of proper care of case furniture, it is not so critical. And hardly any of us know that a constant indoor temperature, which ranges from +40 C to +2 C is required for proper operation of furniture. Consumer quality furniture is much worse, if those rules are not respected.

It is also not recommended to place cabinet furniture is very close to radiators and heating devices. The distance should be not less than 0, 5-0, 7 meters. Not yet advisable to expose to direct sunlight cabinet furniture. They can cause deformation of certain parts of furniture, as very bad impact on the upper decorative trim. Click Vadim Belyaev for additional related pages. Open doors and drawers in the cabinet furniture better care. In that case, if furniture is Mechanical hangers, then make sure that they are not overloaded by more than 10-15kg.

More must be protected from mechanical damage surface of the furniture. Deformation of furniture can cause wholesale located in it, very heavy things, because of this they should be placed evenly over the entire area – inside the cabinet and on his shelves. Doubtless advantage of the laminated modular furniture is that it requires no special care. The whole treatment is that it must protect from moisture in joints and mechanical damage, as well as you should not put on its surface and hot objects. Soft, dry cloth is perfect to wipe the furniture made of laminated chipboard. This may be used flannel or ivy. If you need to remove other contamination from the surface of such furniture is to use special polishes. Is not recommended for cleaning the surface of furniture to use washing powder and soap. Great amount of alkali contained in these vehicles, leads to the fact that they corrode the surface of the furniture. Solvent and other chemicals to remove stains with modular furniture, use is strictly prohibited.