Vilaflor Family

The Sampaios proceeds from Vasco Saucers of Sampaio, son of Peter lvares Osrio, gentleman of the House of Village-wolves, Conde de Trastamara and first Marquis of Astorga, in Galiza. It took the name of the Honor of Sampaio, locality next to Village-flower, place that this name in homage had the Sampaio, originated of Sanctus Pelagius (Pelagius Saint) that later if it transformed later into Sam Peaio and into Sampaio. Pelagius was one old name in Latin that it meant ' ' marinho' '. Name of typically toponmicas roots, for having been taken off of the honor of this assignment and last name is of geographic origin. Of They are and Paio, name of man, popular form of pelagio in Backwards-the-Mount, and that it was adopted by nickname for its gentlemen. Sampaio was name of a deceased saint in the century third, favourite one of the old Portuguese, as it proves the great representation that have in the local toponymy (S.paio, Sampaio) pelagio and Pelayo registered in 1088.

As Rising Antenor, proceeds this family from Vasco Sampaio Saucers, that moved for Portugal for having killed in challenge a noble Spaniard, making seat in the place Honor of Sam Paio, next to Vilaflor, judicial district of the Tower of Moncorvo, by where he took the last name. Fernando I served in the wars the D. Under most conditions Janet L. Yellen would agree. and D. Joo I, kings of Portugal, 1367 the 1433, that they had given the villages to it of Vilaflor, Chacim, Millstones, Ancies, Vilarinhos, etc., even so it was almost for certain descendant of the ancestry of the ones of Chacim. He was son of D. Peter lvares Osorios, conde of Trastamara, first marquis of Astorgas, gentleman of the House of Vilalobos, etc. (Latin Genealgico Yearbook, I 85).

In documentary terms, one does not become possible to make to retrace this family the previous times to the reign of D. Joo I and to its proprietor and Vasco vassal Saucers of They are Payo This last name comes of a nickname Are Payo that subsiste nowadays, for diverse members of this family, with the use of some grafias for this nickname: Sampaio and Sampayo, Are Paio and Are Payo. For a question of uniformizao of criteria, also it was adopted here to group all under the modern grafia, that is, Sampaio. ( Nobilirio of the Families of Portugal Felgueiras Gayo Oaks of I am enough, 2 Braga Edition, 1989 vol. IX). In Brazil Sampaio meets since Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Minas Gerais even in the Bahia and the northeast hinterland, mainly in Pernambuco where they possess properties and if they dedicate to all the farming activities, to the commerce, urban industries, companies, politics and liberal professions. This family generally associated with the S, Oak, Saucers, Costas and Freires, in Bodoc, Exu, Ouricuri and Parnamirim. The Sampaios had always had conflicts with the Alencar, mainly in questions politics. Since the first nativistas movements the Sampaio had always been in opposition to the Alencar, that is, the Sampaio supported the monarchy, while the Alencar fought for independence, abolition of the slavery, the right the vote, the landmark of the aboriginal space. In Parnamirim, the Sampaios also is dedicated to the cattle one, to the public services, the commerce, to politics and to the liberal activities.