Types Of Paints

Acrylic and latex paints. What kind of paint to choose for painting the walls and ceiling? Sooner or later there comes a time when you want to update the look of your interior. You can change the furniture, change curtains, hang a new chandelier, but you can change the color of the walls. Here, we are going to do, we choose the paint for painting the walls in your apartment. Click Presidential candidate to learn more. Tell you about all kinds of paints – water-soluble paint, acrylic paint, latex paint and ecological paint. Modern paint manufacturers offer a very wide range of colors, and come into the store, the buyer loses from such abundance.

In this article we will help you make the right choice. What are the requirements contemporary interior paint: – it is an opportunity tinted in different colors, should be diluted with water and be resistant to abrasion, and to wet cleaning, be environmentally safe. This is especially important if you are going to paint the walls in the bedroom and the nursery. Now let's choose a paint that will satisfy our requirements. First, tell what modern, interior paint. Currently used for painting walls Various water-soluble paint, it is the most common form of paints. The composition of these paints is a lot of different components, each of whom is responsible for its task.

One of the main components of a binding basis, it is 3 types: polyvinyl acetate (PVA), acrylics, phenylbutazone (latex). Vodorazbovimye based paint pva. Paint on this basis are the cheapest, but it has disadvantages such as poor resistance to abrasion and wet cleaning.