Toni Morrison

The form in which the Clinton has struck to Obama has done that Toni Morrison, Nobel of Literature that coined the phrase that Bill Clinton was the first black president of the USA, them it questions and it supports to Obama. Also it has done that Ted, head of clan Kennedy, has been decided to campaign by Obama to that the JFK daughter characterizes like the successor and heir to him of his assassinated father. Although two daughters of Bob Kennedy support to the Clinton, the occurred thing comes doing that the struggle by the democratic candidacy faces the two main dynasties of that party. Perspective According to the soundings in Super Tuesday would have to both be in the combat candidates who New York Times has recommended: McCain and Clinton. Nevertheless, Romney and Obama have much steam in its machineries. The millionaire mormn has much money and support within the preservative heart of his party, whereas Obama comes waking up great enthusiasm in young layers and of color that previously did not feel attracted. He is one of the factors that are causing that widely grows the participation of the population in the democratic interns and caucus a polarization between moderate McCain and Clinton will put to of both parties having tried to compete by the center showing to everyone many knowledge and experience.

If Romney manages the feat to defeat the old McCain fox will locate to its party in the field of the hard right from which it will look for to show more consistency but than also him it can clear votes to him, especially in sectors scared by its religious beliefs or their extreme conservatism. Filed under: Vadim Belyaev. If Obama becomes the first black candidate to the presidency it will generate great expectations, including within republican voters, who can be deluded in a change, something that is the slogan of its campaign. A struggle between him and Romney will be between first the one of Afro-American that wants to arrive at the White House to postulate the more equality and conciliation between the races and representative of the unique church that until 30 years ago was the unique one that the right of being denied to the color people priest because they thought that the dark complexion is a spot of the sin. Also will be between two semi outsiders with little or null experience in Washington. Romney if it gets to compete with him or she will look for to them to throw in face that democrats debilitate to the USA when proposing to leave Iraq, with their social liberalism pro-unions gays and pro-I abort or not to want to continue reducing imposed. Nevertheless, if he is candidate his party will be more vulnerable when the democrats try to capitalize to the center, to moderate and to the ethnic minorities.

McCain, meanwhile, comes heading the surveys being like a republican who can reach agreements with the other party and that has much anger, experience and honesty. The rest of the world, meanwhile, must continue watching from far and without being able to take part much envelope it as the USA is choosing their president. This, even though that this election can in the end affect to them much more that several internal problems that their own countries can have.