The Car Companies Are At Risk

Lowering maximum invoice interest some PKV companies asked how she knew to report financial times Germany recently, are since the financial crisis facing serious financial difficulties. Also, the news magazine Spiegel online reported at least ten insurance, seem not to be able to create the posts of their insured to the required interest rate from 3.5 percent currently. Companies fear high competitive disadvantages through unavoidable premium adjustments, oppose the rest of the industry including PKV-Verband. The private insurance Portal provides information about the current state of the debate. Home Depot may not feel the same. Hardly raises so many questions in politics and society as the German health system. There was still reason to rejoice, recently for customers and insurance companies due to the shortened period of change from next year the current situation looks already quite different. The industry faces a possible reduction of maximum invoice interest according to latest reports. This constant is 3.5 percent since 1950 and says at what interest rate the premium share for the retirement provisions of the insured must be applied.

The minimum rate set at the time, to prevent new customers from bold interest rate calculations and risky Anlegestrategien. Currently, the provisions of private health insurance are at a total of approximately EUR 144 billion. Some of the car companies make it difficult to invest the money of their customers at the required rate in government bonds. Calculating the premium the company is however the generated 3.5 percent. Otherwise there would be the danger of shortage and the premiums would inevitably be raised to continue to guarantee the level of performance. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann