Educate Dogs

The animal training is a difficult profession, is due to consider what it studies on the psychology of the learning in humans, like curve of learning, times of learning, theories on the attention and the capacity to focus. All this also applies when educating to dogs. For the humans the time of concentration of an adolescent average is of 40 minutes at the most, diverse techniques are applied to recover and to retain the attention while it is being taught. In a dog for example, he is recommendable to make rests of 5 minutes and to work 5 minutes, but it will depend on the exercise that we are teaching to him. Also in the canine training we were with techniques to optimize the learning.

In education to children, it is of importance of obtaining the confidence of the boy and of causing that this one feels safe and to taste in the learning atmosphere, for dogs we can identify methods like the TTouch, that is based on alleviating stress of the animal by means of massages, thus helping to deepen the bond with the mascot and to facilitate the learning when being the most relaxed animal. The use of techniques of positive reinforcement when educating to dogs is very extended in the education to humans, offering a prize can animate to a student surprising. With a dog hardly it is possible to be appealed to his curiosity to teach something to him, then one resorts to the famous method of the rewards. At the time of educating dogs one is due to also consider that is a herd animal, in which hierarchies exist, and so that it can work calm it must know well clearly that are below him, and who by above. At first all that one that forms part of the family or habitual people of the house will be over him.

The dog has its personality, that can be docile, in this case we will not have problems, but it is a dog of dominant character we will have to teach to him from the beginning who is the one that commands. One is not to be violent with him, but not to leave governs to us, for example, many we occur by won or we yield at the time of imposing to him limits, we must leave him clearly from the beginning that it will not have access to certain places of the house, or upon the furniture, not being violent but with much persistence and patience. This is after which our dog acquires a suitable conduct. Beam click to learn here like I could train dog without having to leave my house in only short weeks.