What Are Sewage Treatment Plants Of Pool

Sewage treatment of pool, along with the chemical maintenance of water, are a key element to ensure a good quality of the pool water from the point of view of safety and hygiene. Pool plants basically consist of two components, the pump and the filter, and its main function filter water retain suspended matter, although some models perform additional features such as the automatic dosing of chemicals or the water softening. Quality of the water in the pool when the pool is filled at the beginning of the season the water is clean and crystalline, but quickly becomes contaminated and clouded by exposure to the Sun and dust, Earth, leaves and microorganisms which introduce air, rain and bathers. Two systems are used to combat this problem: System of purification: pool, through the filter and pump sewage, retain the suspended matter from the water. Chemical maintenance of water: used chemicals such as chlorine, algaecide, flocculant and pH corrector. Swimming pool sewage plants are often placed at a level of 0,50 m below the surface of the water in the pool and at a distance not exceeding 15 m. basically pool plants consist of two components: pump: its function is to circulate the water.

Sucks the water through the drains and skimmers, suction nozzles located in the walls of the pool, close to the surface. After filtering, the water is returned to the pool structure through some nozzles. Filter: it generally contains silica sand, through which pretends to be the water in the pool, so that it retains the suspended matter. From time to time need cleaning through filter wash backwash, reversing the direction of the water circulation, ejecting so dirt to drain, since otherwise dirt will clog the sand preventing the passage of water. Functions of plants of pool some sewage pool, in addition to the conventional function of filtering water, perform additional, for example functions: Automatic dosing of chemicals: some sewage pool allow dispensing products used in the chemical water maintenance.

The water softening: sewage treatment of swimming pool equipped with water softener prevents the negative effects of lime from water in the walls of the pool, coating, stairs and filters. Cleaning accessories that complement to sewage treatment plants from pool to pool cleaning are used various accessories that complement the task of sewage treatment of pool: manual cleaning utensils: used recoge-hojas palettes and brushes of large size with sturdy bristles which allow you to detach the impurities of the walls and the bottom. Cleaner: are devices that clean up the background and sometimes the walls of the pool, and can be manual or automatic. Source: Pool skimmers