Mokhovikov Mushrooms

The bottom of the cap in mushroom plate consists of thin plates arranged radially from the stem to the edges of the cap. Plates spores are formed. Representatives of the plate are: saffron, milk, volnushka, chanterelle, svinushka, Valuoja, mushrooms and other fungi have marsupials cap structure is wrinkled with grooves (bags). In these pits are controversial. These include truffles, morels, and lines. Under the terms of the growth and nutrition of mushrooms can be divided into three groups: saprophytes, symbionts and parasites. The group consists of saprophytic fungi growing in the field of organic matter and humus-eating due to decomposition of plant residues (humus) or manure (mushroom, raincoats, dung beetles).

In our time can be cleaned with pads on a professional cleaning equipment bag. These mushrooms can be cultivated artificially. Symbionts feed from organic substances produced by living rooted trees, and instead, give the roots of nutritious juices, and mineral substances extracted from mushrooms soil (symbiosis), this group includes most of the edible fungi. Mushrooms-parasites feed on substances that are generated living plants, not giving them anything in return. Representative of this group is the honey agaric. Depending on the nutritional value of mushrooms are classified into four categories. By national standards, to the highest category 1 include a white mushroom, Lactarius real, real saffron, or deli. Need cleaning pads.

In the 2nd category of edible mushrooms are grainy Greasers and later, orange-cap boletus yellow-brown and reddish-brown, mushroom ordinary and dvusporovy (cultivated), white and milk mushroom podgruzdok yellow. By category 3 belongs to the largest number of fungal species 28, including morel and strochok, chanterelle ordinary, Mokhovikov, boletus, Polish mushroom, honey agaric autumn, Valuoja, Russula, Lactarius aspen, euphorbia, volnushka. By category 4 includes mushrooms with coarse pulp skripitsa, serushka, milk and pepper gray, Gladyshev, gorkushka, podgruzdok black in the restoration and others. By the time of growth and collection of mushrooms can be roughly divided into spring, summer and autumn, and autumn. By the spring morel mushrooms are, the lines, to the summer-autumn – white, aspen, boletus, boletus, mushrooms, chanterelles, mushrooms, etc. russula; to fall – mushrooms, green linnet, Polish mushrooms, etc.

Beautiful Women

Each woman is unique, and that is undeniable. Simply a beautiful, intelligent, different, third – cunning, the fourth – charismatic, and so go on and on. And very rarely happens that all the qualities present in all one person, perhaps even this did not happen. In man there is a combination of qualities. Today I want to write about beautiful women. And in response, of course, I can hear the criticism that there are no ugly women, and much more interesting. I would argue that there are beautiful women.

In my understanding of beauty – it is harmony, harmony of physical qualities, spiritual and moral. Beauty – is the ability to sell himself. A woman may be endowed with physical beauty, but can not look at this beautiful, because it is not the harmony of which I wrote. In order to create an image of a beautiful woman should be able to care for themselves, first and foremost to love herself, her body, their hair, their arms and legs, each cell itself. We must be able to do pretty makeup, care of nails, etc.

But the most beautiful woman, I think, ought to love their hair. That hair is about 30 percent, and may be, and 40 changes the look of a woman. Well, imagine yourself, for example, with a tail and dirty hair … even if you are physically beautiful face, hair tightly smooths out this beauty. But when a woman is well placed in the hair hair, form a completely different impression of a man and another. Every detail affects the appearance. Much about the man tells his clothes. But you know, I'm not in favor of super-duper brand clothing should be passing the need not buy expensive clothes, you can buy clothes that will blend in with you, which is suitable for color and creates a good impression. You can look beautiful in jeans, a dress, shorts or pants, skirt, etc, and not necessarily that these things were from Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, will not continue, sorry. Every woman should have in her wardrobe elegant accessories. Currently, handbags do not last role. Trendy bags image supplemented women in general. To create a full image of a beautiful woman to have beautiful and graceful walk, to feel at ease and relaxed. A beautiful woman should be able to clearly talk and talk while the smart thing, but stupidity only when they help her in achieving the goal. It should be snow-white smile and deep expressive eyes. In fact, you can still go on and on, but it is not enough for life to understand the essence of feminine beauty, just need to seek it, pay attention to detail and above all to itself. Women, love yourself, and you're sure to be a good thing.