They are not rare to the times where a process of purchase in the public area delays five or six months. Nor always it is possible to take care of the principles of the economicidade and the efficiency. The fulfilment of the created formalities is controlled to prevent that personal interests are taken advantage, ' ' engessando' ' the licitatrio procedure, without this rigidity guarantees the quality even though or optimum price for the purchase. The SRP is inserted in this context, of form to desburocratizar and to improve the quality in the process of purchases and act of contract of services of the Pblica6 Administration. The licitation modalities identify to the characteristics and the processing of the certame and regulate the procedure of election of the proposal most advantageous To be able it Public. The structure attributed to this commanded series of acts can vary according to objective to be reached.

Law 8,666/93, with the alterations introduced for Law 8,883/94, establishes in its article 22, 05 (five) modalities of licitation, being forbidden, to interpreters, the creation of others or still the combination of them, as 8 of the same artigo5,6. The competition, the taking of prices, the invitation, the competition and leilo5 are licitation modalities. Already the types of licitation are those assigneds person in 1 of the article 45 of the Law of licitations and contracts, not being able the proclamation to create species nova5. The types of licitation indicate the form by which the proposals will be judged, consubstanciando estimated basic of the beginning of the objective judgment and they represent cerne of the bid on object, in what more it interests the Administration for its fidiciary office execuo4. Amongst the existing modalities, one will weave some consideraes on the applicable modalities to the SRP: competition and prego5. Competition is the modality of appropriate licitation for values of great countenance, however, the criterion of the Administrator can be used for the bands of inferior prices.