Automation Planning Publication

Typically, a large proportion of automation have to pre-printing process – from planning to operations prior to the publication of its delivery to the printer for printing. Prepress processes the majority of publications are very similar, but the publication daily has significant differences compared with other types of publishing products. The main feature of the publication of the newspaper – as soon as possible to impose all stripes. Journalists for objective reasons often can not take the materials to layout in advance. Therefore, layout is necessary for a very short time to get ready for make-up text, place it on the bar with the title and illustrations to agree with journalist, editor, and Editor of the location and size of the article. In the hard time limit and to simultaneously process multiple materials only automation system of publishing activity – RICE WoodWing Smart Connection made by WoodWing. This product development have interesting opportunities to work with the system via a standard web browser, there were elements that allow use it as an electronic archive of documents, or smart. The most important feature is the integration of WoodWing Smart Connection System with digital asset management and planning rooms and TIMONE sitemy planning advertising Gemma edition of the Italian developer TELL.

An interesting feature of the solution is SmartConnection integration with packages Microsoft Word and Excel, which allows users to operate the system using common office applications without the need to specially configure the workplace. Also, one of the strengths of the policy development RIS WoodWing Smart Connection is the presence and support the developer of two versions: the entry-level solutions for small Organizations – Smart Connection Pro and solutions to medium and large companies with complex business process – Smart Connection Enterprise. These products vary greatly in both functional and cost, allowing customers to choose the solution relevant not only to their tasks, but also the budget. The main platform for designers has always been Apple Macintosh, which remains so today. Initially, all software developed for this platform, and only then be converted or rewritten for the PC with significant changes. In addition, Apple Macintosh computers are already very affordable for small businesses. The latest models in the line of computers Apple Mac Pro, iMac and Macbook are relatively inexpensive and easily cope with the tasks of layout and design.