Customer Satisfaction Survey – High Marks For The Quality Offensive To Increase Customer Satisfaction

Sparse Baumaschinen GmbH Augsburg, 29 July 2009 Karg Baumaschinen GmbH, suppliers of services, mechanical engineering, deep spoon production and custom-made evidenced by the recent customer survey, product quality, price and delivery times for companies related to the construction industry in the whole Bavarian area represents the three most important criteria for the selection of an engineering service provider. To provide an even better service and an even better deal in the future, the company Karg recently conducted a survey on the satisfaction of our customers. Both regulars and new customers were interviewed. 95% of respondents specifying they would Karg fully recommend the company. Over half of the participants was asked about the satisfaction with contact and service, reliability in the processing of orders, price, speed, flexibility and quality of the work, as well as the availability, it was awarded the touch 1.8 total. In the first place of the customer needs the quality which was Work performed, closely followed by the good price-performance ratio.

Next criteria followed the speed and reliability. Harvard usually is spot on. Contractors about can afford no big margin for delays due to different playing together trades on a construction site by broken machines and parts waiting. That would entail increased costs. Close behind, the availability was weighted. Positive regional proximity, availability even outside of business hours and repair assistance on-site impacted here. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Home Depot. Flexibility than next demand, means for customers such as timely pick-ups and deliveries of components, spare parts and equipment, repairs on the building site as well as in the workshop. It includes but also diverse job requests and a broad-based competence for each area.

The personal contact is a need should not be underestimated. With longtime customer, this will be very much appreciated a. The image and reputation the company stands in eighth place of the needs and it as a whole not as important as the aforementioned aspects, but it also plays a role in the new customer. Last, more reliable execution of recurrent types of jobs is asked for most customers that is innovation of the company here. “The TOP 9 of customer needs: 1 quality of product 2 price 3-speed/delivery time 4 availability of 5 reliability 6 flexibility 7 personal contact 8 image/reputation 9 innovation ability we would like to thank all participating companies, and take this as a major incentive to continue to improve our quality and our service”, Ingo Strasser (Managing Director of Karg Baumaschinen GmbH) stresses. About barren Baumaschinen GmbH Karg Baumaschinen GmbH is a service company for the construction industry, entertainment, and the city of Augsburg. The company ensures the optimal preservation and availability of machinery, construction equipment, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and special vehicles and devices. The FA Karg Baumaschinen GmbH produces in-house backhoe bucket for all major manufacturers. The company has currently 220 customers. Germany wide collaborates with various partners the barren building Maschinenbau GmbH. Karg Baumaschinen GmbH has become since the beginning of the medium-sized deep spoons and service provider for the construction industry in Germany. The course has been set for the future: the more productive focus is being driven about investing in qualified staff and on the strengthening of the national cooperation network. The consistent implementation of high quality standards and strategic partnerships secure a place on the front ranks of the engineering market Karg Baumaschinen GmbH in the future. More information under: Ingo Strasser

Chemical BisphenolA

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