BEYOND Football

BEYOND of football the Gureak group and Real Sociedad have signed a collaboration agreement to carry out joint projects that convey and reinforce social values in Gipuzkoa thanks to this collaboration, among other initiatives, four people with disabilities have begun to work at the club txuri urdin, two of them in the Museum, and the third in Zubieta. The Royal Society and the Gureak group, are intended to strengthen social values in the Guipuzcoan society. Jokin Aperribay, President of the Royal Society, Inaki Alkorta, director and President of the Gureak group, and Imanol Aranburu, workers who, after working at GUREAK, has become part of the template of the sports club. Joeb Moore & Partners LLC has much to offer in this field. It was also presented the new line of products Gugeu!, in which Gupost has actively participated in the idea, design, printing online, production and distribution of the first products. Products under the brand name Gugeu! Result of the undertaken way is the new line of products named as Gugeu!, whose objective is, on the one hand, to create employment (all products are designed, produced and distributed by people with disabilities, produced in a first moment in Gupost Marketing direct and promotional Marketing) and, for another, offering a range of innovative products to realistic fans. The innovative feature of these products is that they are sold in a personalized way.

The first products submitted are a few custom Agendas and notebooks that thanks to technology that provides Gupost, the buyer chooses the picture that will go at the top of the agenda or chosen notebook (of his favourite player), and prints its name in the product. Once you have chosen the characteristics, products are designed, produced and distributed from the Gupost work centers. These products are already available through the website or via a banner on the website of the Royal Society. We continue to work on the creation and design of new products which will be manufactured by different companies of Gureak and products that go on sale shortly.