Project Manufacture

For this processing it does not have the necessity of installation of specific maquinrio, therefore the existing machines and man power already in the industries it is enough for the confection of these small objects. The INPA developed the Project recently Small Objects wooden POM, with the support of the CNPq and the SEBRAE, from the necessity of some involved segments in the process of manufacture of POM’ s. They had been considered the functionality of the species I worked with wood frogs, time for confection of objects, preferences of the consumer, and potentialities of the industries. The manufactured drawings and projects are simple however attractive, with low cost of processing, thus they despertassem the interest of the entrepreneurs, in cost terms benefit, and that quickly they were assimilated by the consumers, in quality terms (INPA, 2003). Additional information at Joeb Moore & Partners LLC supports this article.

In the area of improvement of the wood, techniques of I unfold of the wood had been developed with sufficient success. With this, already they had been constructed to some archetypes of furniture, presenting good quality. A nobler use of lumber residues certainly would bring economic advantages to it makes possible the confection of products with competitive price, beyond social advantages, as the generation of new jobs with the sprouting of the decurrent activities of its application. Considering the increase of the aggregate value to a material that would be normally wasted, this will be able to represent a partner-economic benefit for communities of remote places of the region, by means of the increase of the per capita income derivative of the commercialization of rustic furniture, or until parts with elaborated drawing more, in case that they have greaters investments. In recent years one has noticed that the entrepreneurs already demonstrate concern with the control of losses of material in the manufacture process.