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on a DVD and transmits everything mailed the KV (your work from three months to a DVD!). “After a few days your KV when you register: the data on your DVD is unreadable”. Not a problem for you, create a replacement disc. Really not? When it comes to a downtime due to hardware failures, theft, fire, can you then restore completely your databases in a row? Is it always possible to access the last undamaged file version? We monitor daily security monitoring that your backup is carried out properly. The safe way with the Data backup service “BitByters.Backup” your data in compressed, encrypted form are on our secure server in the online proceedings externally, fully and automatically transferred and secured. The backup runs automatically, is set to meet your needs, which can be changed at any time. You need not additional hard – or software.

The installation is very simple. The other advantage: Your data are regularly audited by our IT specialists in damage. What is also important: the data cannot be read by a third party (both of us). To show you how easy BitByters.Backup is to handle, we give you the opportunity, free to run your backup on our CASE Institute and to test the handling for 30 days. Still have questions? Simply contact us. We help you! Heinrich Scheuerlein CASE Institut GmbH of Hildesheim road 67a 30880 Laatzen Tel.: 0511 866849-0