Implantology Brings A Flawless Smile

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Farzana Griebenow informed teeth are the pride of a people. This aesthetic, white and straight teeth are ideal to make a positive first impression. Many reasons can lead to the loss of teeth. Dental implants provide a new quality of life and a nice smile then. Informed about the possibilities of modern dentistry Dr. med. Dr. med.

Dent. Home Depot oftentimes addresses this issue. Farzana Griebenow from Dortmund, Germany. For optimal dental prosthesis – implants, teeth represent an important good in old age. Not only for a beautiful look, but also for a good debate and function. Inserted implants come the natural state of the teeth on the next and are just as functional as natural teeth and visually by natural teeth almost indistinguishable. With appropriate care, they are even long lasting. Also, the use of implants eliminates a removable dentures, which is often considered a nuisance. Planting of dental implants The term implantology comes from the Latin and stands for plant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root. The implant provides a secure base for high quality and aesthetic restorations. This can be a tooth, a bridge or even a prosthesis. Implant restorations not only visually look like natural teeth, they feel like. In comparison to traditional forms of treatment they offer also considerably more safety and comfort. Individually, a comprehensive consulting is the basis for a successful insertion of an implant. The compatibility and stability of the implant is only given if the implant systems on the patient’s needs are matched. For more information about the field of implantology, Dr. To read more click here: Yael Aflalo. Dr. Griebenow from Dortmund stands as an expert in aesthetic facial surgery available. Press Contact Centre for implantology and aesthetic facial surgery Dr. med. Dr. med. Dent. Farzana Griebenow Bantog travel 13 44135 Dortmund Tel.: 02 31 – 5 86 03 67 or 02 31 – 5 86 03 68 fax: 02 31 – 5 86 03 69 E-Mail: Internet: