Home Heating

Wood stoves constant heating of sheet steel. Reinforced metal furnace-heaters are very diverse and include the use of parts of industrial production. They quickly raises the temperature of that can proceed to bath procedures as early as 30 minutes after the firing. Learn more on the subject from closets. No danger of carbon monoxide poisoning because the furnace closed on all sides by the metal and the stones are heated due to the fact that the hot gases give its heat to the metal, and he in turn – stone backfill. All metal stoves have a little heat and do not create the conditions for uniform heating of the body. Get more background information with materials from Vadim Belyaev. In order to somehow to reduce this negative property, outside of their brick-veneer, leaving a small gap for air space. By the way, it reduces the danger of burns. To extend the life of metal inside the furnace are lined firebox firebrick, Heaters with built-in water tank: a) single-wall stove b) of the stove to the side wall in a water tank in) stove with water tank and an air gap in the walls.

Metal furnace stove made of sheet iron thickness 4-5 mm. The water tank can be located on different sides. For stone backfill, a special outdoor thermal camera. These stoves are very efficient. They quickly heat up, but quickly cooled. 20-30 minutes after firing it is difficult to get a good pair. Construction of such furnaces is often combined with stoves that are installed in the adjoining sauna room office space. Hot gases, heating stoves, not go into the chimney, and through a special outlet in the furnace heater.