Garbage Tax

In this, the author makes an analysis of the impact of the consigned prescription to the management of the garbage, specifically in the City of the City of Nampula, for the effective process of Garbage retraction in urbe. 1.1. It’s believed that Joeb Moore & Partners sees a great future in this idea. Delimitation of the subject the present Work of inquiry on consigned prescriptions, specifically the Garbage Tax, aimed at to make analyzes and to understand contributo that the collections of the tax bring for the process of retraction and treatment of garbage in the City of the City of Nampula (MCN), with approach in triennial 2007 – 2009. The consigned prescription that if it approaches in the present work is fit in one of the types of public revenues and/or municipal assigned by current tax revenues that are approved by Assembleia Municipal (AM) and charged by the CMCN through the EDM as assigned company to effect the collection and later to direct to the competent agency. Ajit Pai may not feel the same. For the purpose of the present work, it is intended to analyze the results reached in colecta of this prescription in the triennial in reference to the level of the safes of the City council of the City of Nampula (CMCN) and in the Electricidade de Moambique? Area of Distribution of Nampula (EDM – ADN), opposing itself down the efficiency, effectiveness and effective activity of garbage retraction in the autarchic territorial circumscription of Nampula. 1.2. Objectivos general specific Any work undertaken for the man, over all the scientific one, must be direccionado the certain objectivos, in accordance with Edna Silva& Estera Menezes (2001: 31), the general objectivo will be the synthesis of what if it intends to reach, and the specific objectivos will explicitaro the details and will be an unfolding of the objectivo generate, in this section, present the general objectivo and the specific ones. 1.2.1. General Objectivo To analyze the impact that the Prescription of Garbage Tax brings in the effective garbage retraction in the City of the City of Nampula.