EOC Friction

Therefore, along with thorough drying oil, freon, parts and components of the refrigeration unit to build our craftsmen apply for additional refrigeration dryer unit in the process of a substance that actively links all the water that appears in the refrigerant. For more information see Joeb Moore. Most of the defects (62%) motor-compressors due to compressor wear. The surfaces of friction pairs (native crankshaft shaft sleeve, fingers, etc.) are covered with circular risks and bullies. Education scratches from setting and getting of the abrasive particles to a large extent is due to lack of oil, its pollution and low capacity rubbing surfaces. And the greatest wear is observed in the friction pair sealed reciprocating compressor piston pin – upper end of connecting rod. This is because the friction pair operates in a very poor lubricants, which do not provide fluid friction and efficient heat dissipation, resulting in scratches and seizure of rubbing surfaces. Effective tool, which increases wear resistance couples finger – connecting rod end hermetic compressor is to improve the supply of lubricant in the friction zone.

But the constructive possibilities of improving the conditions of supply of lubricant to the rubbing surfaces without complicating the design of compressors is practically exhausted. In this situation, only one thing – replace the motor-compressor. In studying the performance of domestic refrigerators is noteworthy significant increase in the ratio of working Time (EOC) and an increase in electricity consumption 'fur' on the evaporator. The presence of the evaporator 'fur' affects heat transfer between the coolant and the coolant due to the low thermal conductivity namorozhennogo layer and increases the temperature in the refrigerator. Maintaining temperature control is achieved by increasing the EOC, which leads to overuse of electricity. All this suggests that evaporator cooler is necessary to periodically release from snow coat. In some models of refrigerators with the removal of coats the evaporator is at stopping the refrigeration unit.

In this case the heat of cooling chamber to the evaporator is suspended, the surface of the evaporator is heated gradually and slowly melts the frost layer. Thawing process takes a relatively long time (2-2.5 h), disrupting the normal modes of food storage. In addition, the removal of water from the refrigerator chamber by hand, which creates a certain inconvenience and requires overhead time. The use of a mechanical way to remove frost from the evaporator domestic refrigerator is not recommended because of possible damage to the evaporator channels. Refrigerators most modern models are equipped with semi-automatic and automatic defrost. This is particularly important for refrigerators, built-in closets and built-in furniture made to order. A significant increase in power consumption due to the formation of snow coats, high temperature in the refrigerator and the EOC reduce the lifetime of the refrigerator. It is therefore necessary to limit the growth of snow coats and speed up its thawing. In connection with this (in the absence of a special refrigerator for thawing devices) by our masters applied hydrophobic coating are applied to the evaporator.