Educational System

Many, however, although to be frightened for the unreliability situation they prefer not to speak nor if to display fearing retaliation or that, one more time, either reprisada its incompetence how much educator, as he is shown in innumerable news articles and interviews where the professor always is pointed as main responsible by the failure pertaining to school. He is, therefore, of utmost importance to emphasize that to promote an inclusive education and of quality he is indispensable to consider the negative influence of this factor in our educational system, because of certain form, hinders positive attitudes necessary for viability of the inclusion. She is necessary that it has an environment favorable to the learning, therefore, in a harmonious environment, has greater possibility to occur one better learning. It is clearly that this is not the reality of all the schools, also cannot more be seen as an exception of schools that do not obtain to manage its spaces. We cannot in them become blind people and dissimulate, therefore, already they are not more sporadical acts, unhappyly, one has become a routine, it happens in many schools and it demands serious, real and urgent steps! What to think of an educational context that longs for a true inclusion where nor the master if it feels insurance and respected, the more to obtain to provide to security and respect to its pupils? This sample the state of abandonment and discredit that the bitter system of education, where it has much time, is come close witnessing increasing acts of violence and lack of limits, the celebrity ' ' indisciplina' '. Research made with educators for Zagury (2004) points that 43% of the searched professors they veem as main problem in classroom ' ' indisciplina' '. that, according to them, is one of the biggest challenges to be faced. It will be that this reality already was very not justified or even though ignored? To arrive at the point where it arrived it has of if imagining that much thing to be reformulated, reflected, ressignificada necessary, not only for specific actions of the professors, but of all the ones that compose this complex scene of the Educational System.