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The special highlight of the offer: other providers, the user profiles, which inevitably arise in the course of communication, deprived of the unrecognized use by third parties are Anders. All user data is managed by the Association for the protection of the interests of users. A related site: Mary Barra mentions similar findings. The cooperative is just the recognition procedure, so that it can be registered shortly at the District Court. For users of SAFE-ADDRESS, membership in the Association is not mandatory but voluntarily, a cooperative share costs only 10 euro, the entrance fee to the Confederation five euros. This gives anyone who becomes a member of the cooperative, voting and codecision on the business policy and can participate in the value of its data. So everyone can participate actively in the design of secure communication platform. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker, New York City. The technical development and operation of the platform and the integration and support of The internetPost AG acquires companies and authorities According to the cooperative promotes the business model on pages of the companies and Government agencies in close cooperation. From the perspective of companies and Government agencies, SAFE ADDRESS offers the opt-in promotional and contractual communication with consumers to apply generation or access opening and to manage.

The content of the communications are encrypted end-to-end and sent independently from SAFE-ADDRESS, received and stored. SAFE ADDRESS allows them to consumer requests according to the Federal data protection act with regard to information, contradiction, cost-effectively and efficiently to complete deleting of personal data. SAFE-ADDRESS now starts the test mode and is accessed via. Other features are unlocked gradually. First companies are positioned on the platform to the selection. The platform focuses the cooperative principle of self-government and self-determination in their development in accordance with the will of the user. Their Contact person: Andreas Schumann, CEO internetPost AG under den Linden 21 10117 Berlin Association for the protection of user interests EC in founding Christian Merten, Board Amalienstrasse 45 RG, 80799 Munich