The summer season is increasingly close to us. Came time to begin to replace the coats, sweaters, scarves and coats for lighter garments. It is necessary to take into account certain recommendations for storing winter clothes that for obvious reasons occupies more space so that our wardrobe does not turn into chaos and, of course, to prevent moisture and time not damage to what is not going to be used in times of heat in an orderly and correct. It is necessary to have a specific space in the rack for garments such as dresses, coats, etc., which must be de to avoid warping long. Also, if your closet has shoemaking and part high, well organize footwear and accessories that should not use and bake for safekeeping, previously washed to prevent odors from invading your room. Clothing that will leave saved should be well washed and folded, as well as the zippers and buttons closed, to ensure that they maintain in good condition. When washing garments which are intended to be stored, experts say it is convenient to not use large quantities of detergent or bleach, and recommend the use of protective, and dehumidifiers from plastic sleeves for more sensitive items until the anti-polillas.